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New YouTube video highlights smart parking benefits provided by Clearview Traffic tools

We’ve been working hard on our latest video recently at Clearview Traffic, and we’re proud to unveil the results here.

The smart parking sensors and parking management software from Clearview Traffic highlighted in the new video are superb solutions for Borough and District Councils, enabling them to manage car parks and car park occupancy effectively.

Our innovative smart parking technology can also deliver better management of town centre parking assets and visitor information via variable message signs (VMS).

Some of the other benefits provided by our leading smart parking solutions includes:

  • Reduces urban congestion – at any one time up to 30% of urban traffic is searching for a parking space.
  • Enables better visibility and management of town centre parking assets.
  • Provides live up-to-date parking availability information to visitors via VMS to maximise space usage and make parking more accessible.
  • Promotes greater footfall for town centre retail areas by simplifying and reducing the time taken to find available spaces (at peak times a motorist can spend up to 20 minutes searching for a parking space) and enhancing the visitors parking experience.

Using the Clearview Traffic M300 smart parking solution enables cost-effective management of parking assets, including:

  • Multiple on-street parking areas
  • Smaller off-street parking
  • Disabled and loading bays
  • Short stay drop off/pick up zones

Clearview Traffic’s Parking Management software also provides:

  • Live and online visibility of multiple parking areas and zones
  • Variable message sign management
  • Overstay management with alerts and reporting to make more efficient use of on-street parking management staff
  • Reporting of usage such as occupancy counts & averages by bay, zone or overall car park; analysis on durations of stay, including graphical heatmaps and general usage trends over time

Clearview Traffic can provide simple off-the-shelf or bespoke tailored options to suit your needs – to find out more, please get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: June 2015

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