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Now the weather’s changing, is it time for socially responsible road markings?

It’s that time of year when everyone at Astucia are acutely aware of the amazing impact on road safety our products and systems delivers across the UK.

The increasing importance of road safety in Autumn and Winter isn’t restricted to urban roads and motorways in the UK, either – it is, in fact, even more important to consider road safety solutions in rural and semi-rural road networks across the country amid changing weather.

Astucia SolarLite Road Studs

According to statistics published by the DfT in September, Eleven times more people die on country roads in England and Wales than on motorways, with an average three deaths on rural roads a day.

According to the figures, there were 1,070 deaths on country roads last year, compared with 100 deaths on motorways. In total, 1,713 died on the roads in England and Wales in 2013.

The figures also showed that accidents contributed to injudicious action, such as speeding or not obeying road signs, dropped from 27% of accidents to 23% with those being directly contributed to speeding being only 13%

Rural roads tend to suffer from loss of control accidents resulting in either running off the outside of a bend or potentially head-on collisions, due to a vehicle crossing the white line.

Often such accidents occur at night, as although only 1/3 of journeys are made at night, nearly 50% of all serious and fatal accidents occur during the hours of darkness.

As we enter the period of longer nights, targeting safety measures for this period can make a marked improvement in road safety.

The use of improved white lining and high quality road studs will improve road safety on rural roads – especially when traditional road studs degrade after only 18 to 24 months.

However, Astucia road studs are proven to reduce night time accidents by up to 70% in the UK.

Independent research by the Transport Research Laboratory demonstrated that Astucia intelligent road studs:

    • Improves driver behaviour with respect to braking and lane positioning
    • Instances of crossing the white line was almost eliminated
    • Drivers felt less safer and less stressed when driving at night with the Astucia studs in place

Astucia intelligent road studs also provide drivers with up to 10 times greater time to react to hazards such as changes in topography and bends in the road, as well as lasting up to four times longer than traditional road studs in the UK.

Isn’t it time, with the changing weather, to seriously consider a more widespread use of socially responsible road markings, including intelligent road studs? We think so.

To find out more about our Astucia intelligent road studs, please get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: November 2014

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