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Today marks a mini-milestone for Clearview Intelligence as it is the first blog to be delivered from our new office headquarters.

After several months of planning, designing and relocating, we are pleased to have completed the move from our former headquarters in Bicester to our new home in Milton Keynes.

It’s a new start for the company, but not an altogether new location as the research and development side of the business has previously operated in Milton Keynes. However, with the relocation of the operational, marketing and financial teams from Bicester, this has enabled us to reunite the majority of the company (with the exception of our existing Glasgow-based team) under one roof.

For us, the relocation creates a fantastic opportunity for closer working and to create a state-of-the-art demonstration area to showcase everything Clearview can offer. It brings together the entire process from concept to completion with our R&D teams working to create the idea, made operational by our product specialists, promoted by the marketing teams and sold by the solutions team.

As a company, we have always had close working relationships across our Milton Keynes, Bicester and Glasgow offices. And modern technology has assisted with that; skype, tele/video conferences and emails are just some of the communications channels which help us all keep in touch with each other every day. But sometimes, there is no substitute for a face-to-face discussion and personal interaction which can help to build stronger and more innovative solutions more naturally than a toneless email.

By uniting our offices, we are looking forward to more of that personal interaction; kicking around ideas in the kitchen, debating solutions over desks and chatting over coffee breaks. These are opportunities that do not always lend themselves to technology. And these opportunities will help us in taking our business forward in 2019.

Clearview’s history dates back more than 40 years, to the days of Golden River, and we are proud of that experience which has enabled us to take on the status as trusted advisor to so many clients. But past knowledge alone is not enough to evolve our services, which is why we continue to change, create, develop and improve our innovative solutions, all of which will be borne and showcased from our new headquarters in Milton Keynes.

Author: Jemma C |Date Published: November 2018

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