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The Major Road Network; a major improvement or major missed opportunity?

September 5th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety

With recent comparisons being made between England’s new Major Road Network and Scotland’s devolved government management of its trunk road network, industry stakeholders are hoping to see the same reduction in road casualties which have been achieved north of the border.

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Are we nearly there yet? Providing accurate and reliable journey times to beat the summer holiday traffic

August 5th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Journey Time Monitoring

Getting stuck in traffic on the way to your summer holiday is extremely stressful given you likely have a flight or a ferry to catch. What could be worse than running late to catch a connection with bored children in the car asking, ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and no sign of the end to the queueing traffic? Add to this, the fact that many major road upgrades are scheduled for the summer holiday period to reduce the impact on commuters and you can understand how drivers come to blame the road operators for their delay. But what can they do about this when the upgrades need to be carried out at some point?

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How to install an M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensor

July 17th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Network Management Wireless Vehicle Detection

When comparing Clearview’s Wireless Vehicle Detection System to inductive loops one of the key benefits is the speed and ease of installation. Installing an M100 Sensor is quick and easy. The sensor can be installed, the resin cured, and the carriageway reopened all in 15 minutes. Read on to understand the wider benefits of this easy installation and see for yourself how to install an M100 Sensor in our demonstration video.

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What can collaborative working mean to the highways industry?

July 10th 2019 / Andrew R/ Links: News / Commentary

How can collaborative working add to the effectiveness of working in the highways industry? Find out in our latest blog.

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Questioning the development and implementation of CAV

July 4th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Two years ago, whilst announcing the budget in 2017, Chancellor Philip Hammond pledged “genuine driverless vehicles” would be operating on the UK’s roads by 2021. But with just two years to go until that deadline hits, serious questions have to be asked about whether the technology and roads are ready to adopt such a major change.

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Everything you need to know about improving route safety

June 20th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Dynamic Lane Marking Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety Speed Compliance

Both Highways England and Transport for London have documented their aspirations that no one is killed on their roads by 2040. Local authorities are similarly committed to reducing accidents on their networks. But with 249,700 miles of road and nearly 2,000 road deaths per year in the UK, where do we even start to tackle road safety issues?

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All you need to know about SolarLite Active Road Studs for enhanced delineation

June 4th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation

Retro reflective studs have long been the favoured and trusted choice for roadside delineation. But in this extended blog, we look at SolarLite Active Road Studs as an alternative and question why today’s modern network is still reliant on an 80-year-old solution.

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Why road users are right to demand an end to the pothole crisis

May 16th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: News / Commentary

Right now, it appears there is no greater concern for motorists in the UK than potholes. Which is not surprising given drivers are spending over £4bn a year repairing damage from potholes to their cars. Drivers have consistently expressed their concern over the state of the roads and it’s time we listened to them and brought our ageing infrastructure up to date. Yet, the funding we will go on to outline is not enough to deliver this. That’s why a new approach is needed.

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