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Our innovative solutions harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

Working for a broad range of government, local authorities and private companies our solutions can be applied to many industries, organisations, and sectors.

We create intelligent solutions that make journeys work.


Observations, news and opinion on all aspects of the industry, straight from the keyboards of us here at Clearview Intelligence.

Alternative vehicle detection for MIDAS: magnetometer and radar-based detection

June 14th 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Congestion

As the use of MIDAS systems has been expanded over the last twenty years it’s not surprising that alternative vehicle detection technologies have been explored to overcome issues with inductive loops. We consider the two most commonly used alternatives approved to Highways England specification MCH1529 for use in MIDAS systems: magnetometer and microwave/radar-based detection.

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Meet the team: Richard King, Senior Solutions Manager

June 6th 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: News / Commentary

In this article, our Senior Solutions Manager, Richard King, explains what he's learnt since joining Clearview and how he's excited to be contributing to our aim of helping people make better journeys by empowering them with the right information delivered at the right time.

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Improving road worker health, safety and wellbeing

May 31st 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Congestion Road Safety

No one should be harmed when travelling or working on the Strategic Road Network (SRN). This is one of Highways England’s three core aims. We’ve discussed at length the ways that Clearview are helping to keep road users safe, but what about road workers?

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How do you put a price on delivering a good driving experience?

May 24th 2018 / AndrewR / Links: Road Safety

Road schemes don't need to be just about quicker journeys or safer roads. How do you measure the driving experience and what impact this has on the users behaviour?

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Mind the gap - why developing current technology is just as important as new ideas

May 17th 2018 / AndrewR / Links: Road Safety Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Internet of Things

Having disruptive shifts in technology seems to have gathered public support over the past 10 years but it is only through concentrating on how to utilise existing technology in new ways that we stand a chance of achieving safety on our roads in a coherent manner.

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How to deliver effective route safety solutions to complex road safety challenges

May 10th 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Road Safety

Unfortunately, there is no one-size fits all approach to road safety. Instead, you need to consider the accident history, the volume of traffic, the surrounding roads, topography and how drivers are negotiating the section of road in question. Once the issues and constraints have been identified, there are multiple solutions to be considered. This is the most challenging part of developing any road safety solution - how do you keep up with the latest technology, integrate technology from different providers, and evaluate the effectiveness of a scheme?

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Parking Stress Relief part 4: Changes in the parking industry and how you can keep up

May 3rd 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

So far in this series we’ve looked at the issues caused by poor parking and the technology that’s currently available to solve these issues. But with the pace of change in technology and the bluster surrounding the arrival of autonomous cars you can be forgiven for not feeling confident in what to do next. In this, the final part of our series, we’ll take a pragmatic look at the likely developments in the parking sector and what you need to be thinking of now to keep your parking a positive experience for all.

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We’ll be there…another exciting year of events at Clearview Intelligence

April 26th 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: News

In 2018, another busy year for Clearview Intelligence, we’re looking forward to starting the exciting events cycle once more. Read on to see where you can meet us throughout the year.

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Parking Stress Relief part 3: Individual parking bay monitoring using bay sensors or computer vision

April 19th 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

In part 2 of our parking stress relief series we discussed how you can monitor the use of your car park globally, now we’ll consider monitoring individual parking bays. Knowing exactly which parking bays are free means you can guide drivers directly into the nearest available space. There are two main ways to identify parking availability at the parking bay level; using individual bay sensors or computer vision technology.

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