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Clearview Intelligence’s Top 10 Blogs of 2018

January 3rd 2019 / Michelle C / Links: News / Commentary

The start of a new year marks a time for reflection and contemplation as we think back to what we’ve achieved in 2018 and what we hope to achieve in 2019. Once again, we have reflected on the themes and issues discussed in our blogs throughout the year and have picked out our ten favourites to ease you back into work following the holiday break. Here’s our Top 10 from 2018—in reverse order from 10 to 1.

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Innovation, celebration and relocation: Clearview Intelligence reflects on 2018

December 20th 2018 / Jemma C / Links: Road Safety

With Christmas and New Year now upon us, we have entered a natural period of reflection; a chance to look back on what has been achieved in 2018 and how this will influence our goals in 2019.

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How to set up and manage wireless vehicle detection

December 13th 2018 / Michelle C / Links: Congestion

Regular readers of our blog will be aware of the many benefits of wireless vehicle detection; compared to inductive loops the sensors are much quicker to install, the system negates the need for costly ducting and trenching and keeps the road surface more durable. With the Clearview system now coming with an improved five-year warranty package we thought it would be good to explain how the constituent parts of the system work together and how to configure it for various applications.

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Dealing with dangerous roads – where to turn next?

December 6th 2018 / Andrew R / Links: Road Safety Transforming Behaviour

With potholes attracting an extra £100m funding to be spent by the end of March 2019, why are we having to fight for the extra £75m per year over the next five years to ‘make safe’ the most dangerous sections of the UK roads?

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Workplace car parks affect employees’ short or long stay

November 29th 2018 / Jemma C / Links: Parking

New research shows that the average commute time to work for a driver is now 52 minutes – four minutes more than a decade ago. So, with workers spending more time than ever travelling to and from jobs, is enough being done to simplify the one aspect of their journey that employers can control; parking?

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Meet the Team: Chris Keenan, General Manager Scotland

November 22nd 2018 / Michelle C / Links: News / Commentary

In this article, Chris Keenan explains what’s involved in his role and discusses his journey from site supervisor to General Manager Scotland over the 12 years he's been with Clearview.

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Council budgets are on the road to nowhere

November 15th 2018 / Jemma C / Links: News / Commentary

The financial pressure on local authorities is soaring and across the UK, local government reform is hitting the headlines as councils react to growing service demands and reducing budgets.

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What we can learn from Scotland’s road safety success?

November 8th 2018 / Michelle C / Links: Road Safety

Fatalities in Scotland reduced by 24 percent in 2017, according to last month's Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain. This was the biggest improvement in Great Britain. Fatalities were reduced to 146, taking Scotland ahead of its 2020 reduction target to reduce fatalities by 40 percent. How is Scotland achieving these gains when the rest of Great Britain is achieving little or no improvement in road safety?

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The future starts here

November 1st 2018 / Jemma C / Links: News / Commentary

Today marks a mini-milestone for Clearview Intelligence as it is the first blog to be delivered from our new office headquarters.

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