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Does Data As A Service (DAAS) have a place in the traffic management market?

August 28th 2013 / / Links: Data Management

At Clearview Traffic, we invest significant time and energy into researching the use of data in providing solutions to traffic management, road safety and traffic monitoring. Data As A Service (DAAS) is a managed service Agreement, where the provider takes ownership of the collection, distribution and presentation of data in

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How does monitoring journey times lead to reduced journey times?

August 21st 2013 / / Links: Data Management Journey Predictability

At Clearview Traffic, our management team recall when journey time monitoring used to be the preserve of highly complex and expensive ANPR systems. However, with the increasing penetration of Bluetooth devices, in vehicles and carried by road users during journeys, being able to pick up anonymous Bluetooth signatures as they

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How does an LED prevent road fatalities in the UK?

August 14th 2013 / / Links: Road Safety

At Clearview Traffic, we’ve noted that whilst the latest road casualty statistics have gladly shown a decrease in the number of people killed or seriously injured in road accidents, it’s only a very slight drop from 25,023 to 24,793 – less than 1%. Simple measures such as enhancing the visibility

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What is Clearview Traffic doing to improve cyclist safety in the UK?

August 7th 2013 / / Links: Road Safety Cycling

At Clearview Traffic, we’re passionate about the life-saving road safety products that form a core element of our traffic data solutions, traffic data collection and traffic management systems. And with a 10% increase in cyclist fatalities being recently published by the Department of Transport as compared to the previous year’s

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Why is the Smart Cities vision so important for the future?

July 31st 2013 / / Links: Smart Cities

At Clearview Traffic, one of the key concepts sitting behind many of our leading traffic management, traffic data collection, and traffic management products is that of Smart Cities – an integrated, sustainable, intelligent, set of real-time urban solutions working together to alleviate congestion and keep traffic flowing. Cities are complex

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How to deliver smarter traffic flow and ease congestion for road users

July 24th 2013 / / Links: Congestion Road Safety Data Management Cycling Journey Predictability

At Clearview Traffic, we’re leading the way with smart traffic management from SCOOT and MOVA, via our innovative M100 system. We’re all well aware of the problems that can affect loops, as well as the significant costs and disruptive impact of replacing loops – documented here and here. We’re proud

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Three ways in which Local Pinch Point funding could be used

July 17th 2013 / / Links: Data Management

At Clearview Traffic, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the Government’s Local Pinch Point Fund initiative, designed to help ease road congestion. There are three ways to view this funding: 1. Short-term view Fill in budget gaps and plug immediate problems, such as pot-holes in roads. 2. Medium-term view

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How Smart Parking can streamline journeys and reduce congestion

July 10th 2013 / / Links: Congestion Smart Cities Data Management Parking Journey Predictability

At Clearview Traffic, we’ve been advocates of Smart Parking for some time, having seen the incredible benefits enjoyed in piloted urban schemes globally recently. What is Smart Parking? Smart Parking incorporates the use of sensor technology, flexible payment systems, variable road message signs, smart navigation apps deployed on smartphones and

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What do the latest UK road casualty statistics really tell us?

July 3rd 2013 / / Links: Road Safety

At Clearview Traffic, we were pleased to see a decrease in road fatalities according to the release of 2012 Road Casualty Statistics for Great Britain equating to 147 fewer lives being lost – but what do the statistics really tell us about road safety in the UK last year? According

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