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Ramblings from Amsterdam - observations on Intertraffic 2016

By Wayne Stant, Marketing Director.

As I meandered through the various halls of the RAI for Intertraffic, I found myself wondering "am I at a trade show or on a bustling street of coffee shops?"...virtually every other stand had the "plick plick" of coffee machines as their backdrop and the sheer number of Baristas in attendance per square metre of exhibition hall would outdo most high street coffee shops.

Give credit where it's due, companies were certainly doing what they could to keep guests refreshed and on their stands and the stands were busy. But aside from coffee, what was there that was genuinely new or sparked the imagination?

Was it in the stands? Not really. Most of them were what you'd expect, but on some it was alarmingly difficult to really know what it was that they do and how they might be able to help the visitors.

Img 0362

I may be being slightly biased, but for me the best stand design by far was that or our parking partner Nedap. A cool, contemporary urban 'loft apartment meets city construction' feel that really gels with their recent "Survive the city" video theme. As well as a strong, well-executed theme, their individual pod designs provided a great space for demoing the technology.

Nice work...makes us proud to be a partner! A relationship we formalised at the event, as Clearview Intelligence became their newest Certified Partner for Wireless Detection, (Nick Lanigan, MD is pictured with Nedap's Michiel Rijssemus) having now deployed a number of projects involving the Sensit technology as part of our parking optimisation solution.

So was there novelty in product innovation? In isolated pockets perhaps...but nothing that looked like it was fundamentally breaking new ground. Maybe this just reflects the companies' nervousness about investing more in riskier innovation when the market is not necessarily showing that they ready and willing to gamble on unproven technology (see our previous blog on this subject). A number of companies were showing off some incremental product feature/functionality enhancements rather than real game changers, but even these can offer real value and improved performance or operational life for their customers so should not be overlooked.

So, did Clearview miss out by not being there at our regular stand slot in the Elicium?...Perhaps not? We were around for a couple of days and enjoyed meeting many colleagues, partners and clients old and new, and had just the same volume of productive meetings we would normally have, but without incurring the costs of a stand. But we will continue to keep an eye on the benefits of exhibiting in future years.

With the new branding to Clearview Intelligence just launched, it is important to get our name out there, but it's important for us that we do it in a focused, intelligent way. To that end, we will be running more targeted events and activities with our customers and partners throughout the rest of the year, so if we missed you during these four days we hope to see you soon. We already have a number of events lined up and will be sending out invites to others soon, so stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter if you aren't already!

Author: Andrew R |Date Published: April 2016

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