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Reflecting who we are in the ever-changing intelligent transport systems industry

What makes a good company? What makes a company stand out from its competitors? What makes a company actually work, so that it benefits both its customers and is enjoyable to work for?

The answer is a complex mix of external and internal influences.


From the classic marketing perspectives of people, price, place and promotion (now the world likes to think more of the 7 C’s, but that’s another blog) to the more practical aspects of making sure you get the physical support to your customer right, every time.

Lots has been written about this, and we will not be going into the contentious world of business improvement book recommendations, where entire forests of paper have been lost to the cause!

However, any company worth its salt will on occasion take time to inspect itself, look at the future of its market sectors, and assess if there are changes required to keep it relevant and ahead of the game. As a leading provider of intelligent transport systems, our focus is firmly on the future.

Over the past few months here at Clearview, we have being doing just that. We’ve taken some time to talk to our customers, industry cohorts, and our staff (thank you all for your time).

And whilst we recognise that we are by no means perfect, we’ve seen a few common themes emerging on how we are perceived. Key values which have been assigned to our company are:

Pioneering: we have a fantastic history of developing industry leading products, and are not afraid to adopt new technology and thinking in the arena of traffic data collection and road safety solutions.

Creative: we recognise that most solutions require some creativity in order to produce the right result. This is ingrained in our thinking and approach when talking to customers.

Professional: we value our customers and take pride in providing a professional approach to their needs. Our intelligent transport systems experts are well-respected throughout the industry.

Tenacious: solutions can be complex and at times tricky to get right. We know this, and are ready to work hard on a project to make sure the end result is to everyone’s satisfaction.

Supportive: we view doing business with our customers as part of a long-term relationship, and to this end we are very supportive of specific needs and requirements.

These are important, positive traits and we feel that it’s time that these were reflected in the way we position ourselves in the market for 2016 and beyond. So we will be undergoing an exciting re-branding process starting in April.

The re-brand will allow us to approach the marketplace with better alignment to the values as described above. Of course we recognise that all of this is only words if we cannot match the concepts with the correct actions.

This is where our staff will continue to help fulfil the promises we make to our customers and to the markets in which we operate.

Our traffic data solutions, traffic data collection, road safety solutions and intelligent transport systems continue to define our offerings in their respective markets, and in which we excel.

Keep an eye out on our website, blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn for further announcements on the new branding and other significant developments that are planned to demonstrate our new intent.

To find out how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: February 2016

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