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See the benefits of increased visibility

It’s often been said a picture paints a thousand words. And the same is true of videos. Which is why rather than try and explain the benefits of our SolarLite Active Road Studs, we decided it would be easier to show them instead.

This week, we have produced a collection of four short videos with each one comparing the performance of our SolarLite Road Studs against traditional retro-reflective studs. The footage demonstrates the effectiveness of each stud in conditions of limited visibility, namely; dusk, darkness, rain and fog, with the split-screen enabling the viewer to easily analyse the difference.

With the clocks due to go back in October and the autumnal weather beginning to make itself known, these driving conditions will become more common over the coming months. So, to counteract the negative impacts that the seasonal weather will bring, we are suggesting this positive yet simple solution that can be implemented to improve visibility for drivers.

Reflecting on the advantages

When it comes to advocating the benefits of the SolarLite studs, it is easy for us to reel off a comprehensive list. They reduce night-time accidents; they improve driver confidence; they are more cost effective than retro-reflective studs - the list just goes on. These benefits cannot be seen but all stem from enhanced delineation which is visible by viewing our videos.

See the full set of videos including; dusk, darkness, rain and fog.

Having been around for decades, everyone is familiar with the performance of retro-reflective road studs. Reliant upon the beam of a headlight, the studs can offer up to 90 metres of visibility but may also begin to lose effectiveness after six months, and need replacing after about two years.

Now compare this to a SolarLite Road Stud, which can be seen from up to 900 metres away. Not only does this offer ten times more visibility, but ten times more reaction time. They have an operational lifespan of between eight and ten years – and during that time, performance is maintained so they work all year round in all conditions and are as bright on their first day as they are on their last.

Because they are longer lasting, this makes the SolarLite more effective for motorists, minimises the disruption brought about through maintenance works and reduces the time and risks associated with installation teams working in the highway. Another safety benefit is to motorcyclists; as the studs are installed flush to the ground they are safer for bikers to pass over.

Proving the point

The list of benefits is exhaustive – but what about the outcome? Whilst it is great to have visible studs in the road, they are there to serve a purpose. And they do.

Based on a two-year period on the A143 in Haddiscoe, Norfolk and a three-year period on the A4226 in Barry, our SolarLite studs have been proven to reduce night-time accident rates by more than 70 percent.

More recently, following installation of the studs on the A1 in Scotland, 78 percent of drivers felt more confident using that stretch of road at night; 93 percent felt junction clarity had improved and 95 percent agreed that clarity on curved sections of the road had improved.

Seeing is believing

So, at the time of year when seasonal changes are impacting upon driver visibility, enhanced delineation is more important than ever; you can see why in our new videos. And with the visible - and invisible – benefits of our SolarLite Road Studs, it is difficult not to see the advantages of investing.

Author: Jemma C |Date Published: September 2018

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