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Smart Parking: Big Business, Better Journeys

In September, we were pleased to attend and exhibit at the British Parking Association (BPA) Scotland and London conferences. Our Senior Solutions Manager, Scott Gow, was invited to speak at the Stirling event to examine the role of parking as an integral part of multi modal journeys. This blog expands on that presentation to review how smart parking technologies are revolutionising the way UK parking organisations operate and helping to make journeys better for all.

Parking can be one of the most frustrating aspects of any journey, and here at Clearview Intelligence, we want to try to help eliminate that fraught battle to find an available parking space at your destination, whether it be located in a managed car park, corporate office space, retail outlets, airport or transport interchange.

Juggins (2013) found that of the 34.5m licensed UK vehicles on the road, most of these spend some 90% of the time parked up. Research by the BPA in 2013 estimated that there are likely to be between 8 million and 11.3 million parking spaces in the UK in total (although this figure under-represents the non-regulated parking which constitutes the majority of parking in the UK).

The limited availability and poor visibility of parking spaces is driving the demand for innovative smart parking systems. The advent of connected and autonomous vehicles, coupled with a rising interest in smart parking technologies from the automotive manufacturing sector, indicates that there will be an upsurge in demand for intelligent parking management systems.

This assertion is supported by a 2016 report by US based company ‘Research And Markets’ which indicated that the global smart parking system market size is expected to reach US$368.7 million by 2024, and the European regional market accounted for around 30% of the global revenue share in 2015. Furthermore, Juniper Research (2016) asserted that two million smart parking spaces will be installed in the UK by 2021.

So what can smart parking technology include?

Smart parking technology can effectively address congestion issues and parking-related concerns. Such systems help in reducing fuel usage and subsequently minimise vehicle emissions. For example, Clearview Intelligence can integrate several solutions such as the M300 bay occupancy system, loop based count/classify technology, and Vehicle Management Signs (VMS) in order to create effective real-time parking guidance for drivers.

Bespoke smart parking management systems, such as those designed by Clearview Intelligence for the National Grid Head Office car park in Warwick and the new Next store in High Wycombe, can provide better visibility of bay availability and location within a large multi-zone area, real time management of vehicle flows in and around the car parks, and easier, quicker parking for employees/visitors/shoppers.

Additionally, sophisticated data analysis systems, such as our Insight data intelligence platform, can collate and analyse a vast amount of data to create real-time availability information and journey time predictions which, in turn, enables efficient parking guidance and dynamic pricing based on utilisation. This intelligence enables parking operators to design and implement parking solutions that can increase revenue and profitability, as well as improve operations and the experience for the end user.

Car park operators implementing innovative solutions to gather parking intelligence and deliver real-time information to drivers will ultimately reduce congestion and optimise parking, making journeys better for all of us.

Author: Shona |Date Published: October 2016

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