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Staying safe with National Road Safety Week

One of the highlights of the events calendar for us here at Clearview Traffic is National Road Safety Week, which is run every year by road safety campaign charity, Brake. Over the last three years, we have organised a wide range of activities aimed at engaging with local schools, college students, and the wider community, to not only educate people on issues such as how to stay safe when cycling, sensible parking around schools, and responsible driving practices, but also to promote sustainable travel choices.

Our activities have been as varied as delivering road safety assemblies and donating reflective safety gear to primary schools; organising and sponsoring a car crash extraction demonstration for the local motorsports college students in collaboration with Oxfordshire fire crews; and raising lots of money for charity by encouraging our staff to look silly by participating in ‘Wake Up For Work’ pyjama days in the office.

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safety week office

In 2015, the theme for Road Safety Week was ‘Drive Less, Live More’, so we took the opportunity to partner with two local organisations, Eco Bicester and Bicester Green, to promote cycle safety to the wider community. Clearview Traffic donated 100 free cycle safety goodie packs, including a reflective rucksack, cycle snapbands, and flashlights, as well as leaflets on safe and interesting circular cycle routes around Bicester. These goodie bags were distributed through the Bicester Green pop-up shop in the town centre.

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Supported by the Eco Bicester project, Bicester Green manages the Bicester Bike Loan Scheme, which allows members of the community to hire a bike from only 5 pounds a weekend. The bikes are fully maintained by volunteers from the Bicester Green workshop, where local people share their skills with others who wish to learn. People can borrow either a traditional bike or try out a folding Brompton bike, and there are also accessories such as bike trailers and child seats.

Clearview Traffic also invited primary school children to enter a competition to design their perfect bike and the most innovative and interesting entries for each age group were rewarded with a cinema voucher.

As well as promoting Road Safety Week and engaging with the local community on active travel choices, our activities will hopefully have longer term impacts by raising awareness of the existing Bicester Cycle Loan scheme to encourage more people to make use of the local cycling amenities and to ‘Drive Less, Live More’.

Improving road safety is at the heart of everything that we do here at Clearview Traffic and we would love to hear about any opportunities for us to support other road safety campaigns. Please get in touch below if you have any exciting project news to share with us.

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