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Summer ahead: keep the holiday traffic flowing smoothly

The summer holiday season is almost upon us and with it the inevitable increase in traffic on the roads. Clearview Intelligence can help you to keep the traffic moving and minimise congestion and driver frustration.

Have the right data at your fingertips to make informed decisions

Clearly, congestion is one of the biggest challenges on our road networks and every holiday season it peaks on certain days and in certain locations. As traffic operators are well aware, intelligence is vital to understand how well the network is operating and when and where they need to intervene to avoid serious disruption and to keep traffic moving.

Clearview’s solutions can facilitate the live transfer of intelligence and data, making managing the roads a proactive approach, rather than a fire-fighting response. Our roadside traffic monitoring technology gathers and interprets traffic data, supplying meaningful, actionable intelligence and insight into traffic flows.

Over time, this data enables operators to build up a robust comprehension of how traffic flows through the network at different points in time. This means that they can identify how congestion, incidents or roadworks in one area will impact on journeys elsewhere on the network and use this information to swiftly respond to unexpected circumstances, or to plan in advance to minimise problems with planned works.

Predict journey times and keep drivers informed

Making journeys more predictable is not about making an individual journey as fast as possible, it’s about making journeys across the network consistent day in and day out.

Fluctuation in an average journey time is a strong indicator of traffic flow problems and Journey time monitoring systems (JTMS), combined with Variable Message Signs (VMS), are increasingly being used by operators to compare typical journey time patterns at various points along a route.

Our JTMS solutions are simple to integrate with existing physical infrastructure and provide a cost-effective alternative to permanent or temporary ANPR installations for monitoring the flow of traffic along key routes.

The highly visual user interface of our M830 Bluetooth JTMS solution flags up changes in traffic patterns, enabling operators to deliver an immediate response to developing situations. Any significant variation prompts quick investigation into the issue. Decisions can then be made to inform road users and advise of alternative routes to help minimise congestion.

Automated VMS updates provide drivers with real-time journey information. By monitoring journey times and disseminating the information promptly, drivers are empowered to choose how best to complete their onward journey, resulting in less congestion and less frustration.

Plan ahead to manage holiday roadworks

One major headache for drivers is roadworks. Sometimes, road operators suspend roadworks during peak travel times, such as Bank Holiday weekends, but when this is not possible, Clearview has a range of clever solutions to help to minimise the risk of gridlock.

During major roadworks on the busy M8 motorway between Junctions 3 & 4, and on the A985 road on the Kincardine Bridge, Amey Highways Ltd, working on behalf of Transport Scotland, sought to monitor journey times in real-time. Whilst this maintenance work had been scheduled for some time prior to the start date, the need to monitor traffic flow was requested only one month before work commenced. Clearview responded rapidly, designing and implementing a solution to enable Amey to meet the requirement.

The system provided the necessary evidence and data back-up for Amey to present to Transport Scotland if journey time exceeded a set threshold and demonstrated (with supporting evidence) any traffic issues that were created outside the agreed roadwork parameters.

By communicating timely, accurate traffic information at both sites during the roadworks period, drivers could make informed decisions about taking alternative routes if necessary.

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Author: Shona W |Date Published: July 2017

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