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The title of this week’s blog comes from a Chinese proverb and aligns to our approach in running training programs that help design teams and engineers fully understand our wireless detection products and how to install them.

Over the years there has been a polarisation of thoughts around wireless vehicle detection technology, especially for use on traffic signals. There are engineers delighted by the speed of installation and corresponding lack of traffic disruption afforded by wireless vehicle detection. Others appreciate the lower cost of the system when deployed for advance stop line detection:

“By implementing the M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System at three major sites we have reduced installation costs by £60,000 and will continue to create efficiency savings through reduced replacement and maintenance costs.” Ian Richardson, Capita Symonds.

Conversely, there are engineers who do not like the technology because of previous poor experiences. Upon investigation we find that these poor experiences are rarely because of the technology but mostly down to poor installations where local traffic signal teams have not had the knowledge to set the kit up properly.

As a result, our courses are not just about the benefits of using the products but also go into detail on how to specify, plan and then install to get the best solution for the situation. We mix in the traditional slide presentation with interactive elements to ensure the information and lessons are embedded into real-life situations with practical outcomes.

We offer the option of running training courses at our Milton Keynes Insight Hub or bringing it to a client’s office for in-house learning sessions. All designed to help your team understand the benefits of magnetometer technology and how it can be best utilised on UK roads.

The courses are available to anyone that wishes to learn more and can be flexible to local requirements, covering the benefits of the technology, design and installation, interactive case study examples and a Q&A session to help answer concerns and specific questions.

Keeping up-to-date with alternative technology on traffic signal systems can provide design engineers and road planners with knowledge on how best to approach an upgrade or new junction scheme in their area.

If you are interested in hearing more about these training sessions please contact us.

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Author: Andrew R |Date Published: March 2018

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