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The challenge of equipment maintenance for local authorities

At Clearview Traffic, the subject of maintaining traffic monitoring equipment in tip top condition is a subject that is close to our hearts as we maintain the kit on thirteen out of the fifteen Design, Build Finance and Operate (DBFO) schemes throughout the UK.

If you’ve ever been advised during a car service that a certain part is fine for another 500 miles but then needs replacing and you’ve left it on the day, only to find yourself stranded on a wet roadside in the near future waiting for a mobile repair service without an up-to-date membership in place and a hefty bill to deal with, you’ll appreciate the importance of maintenance plans.


This is a tough way to learn the value of preventative maintenance, yet many local authorities and road operators don’t heed the same lesson when dealing with traffic monitoring equipment.

In many cases, maintenance plans are seen as a luxury, and are the first casualties when local authority budget cuts come into force. This can be costly in the longer-term.

Think twice before shedding maintenance plans

There are associated issues, such as the cost of replacing kit which hasn’t been properly maintained – but also the fact that undiagnosed problems will impact the quality and completeness of data usually delivered with fully operational hardware.

Without regular maintenance, small issues can become costly repairs – such as loop faults, configuration or calibration changes needed due to changes in the local environment, or cracks in the road that affect the reliability and performance of the loop.

For example, batteries may need replacing, but this becomes evident only after a site stops providing data.

Without a regular maintenance programme, the latest firmware upgrades to improve the quality and accuracy of data will also be missed, not to mention improvements in the way the system handles communication losses or power issues. What recourse do you have if the product is outside of warranty?

All of these issues can impede the flow and accuracy of data – ultimately impacting on your ability to maintain steady and smooth traffic flow across a network. This can lead to increased incidents and increased congestion causing performance penalties, and increasing the possibility of negative PR as road user frustration mounts.

Prevention is the best cure

It’s also often cheaper – so why take the risk? Whether done in-house or with managed services from hardware providers such as us, by being proactive and undertaking a regular programme of maintenance, equipment stays in top condition and the likelihood of faults are minimised.

Loop testing, battery checks and replacement, solar panel and cabinet cleaning, configuration checks, calibration checks, software updates – all can be performed in minutes by highly-skilled TME field engineers.

The Clearview difference

Our maintenance plans provide peace of mind, and free up valuable internal resources to focus on other key areas, giving the additional knowledge that equipment issues will be rectified at no extra cost.

Our flexible payment options simplify budget planning and present a more affordable route than employing a team of engineers in-house.

Our team of dedicate field engineers have over 30 years’ experience, offering an advanced skillset, and with experience in maintaining all monitoring software – not just equipment provided by us. We’re able to manage mixed economies of hardware and build in system refreshes where needed.

We also offer regional coverage across the UK, with highly-tailored bespoke packages to suit differing budgets and resources – such as delivering ad hoc and regular network performance reporting to agreed service levels.

We can even analyse and report on the traffic data itself, maximising the level of service given to the end-customer.

To find out more about our road maintenance plans and bespoke road traffic monitoring services, please feel free to get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: October 2013

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