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The largest single cause of serious injury on our roads...

The largest single cause of serious injury on the roads are crashes at junctions, which account for 33%*. Most of these are due to driver error.

Junctions are the point where traffic merges and drivers get to change direction, and because this is the biggest single point of interaction and change on a road system it stands to reason that this poses the biggest threat to other drivers.

So, improving junction safety and reducing the number of accidents occurring around junctions continues to be a major concern, and should always be a top priority to road safety officers and operators.

No two junctions are the same

Improving a junction’s safety record requires a clear understanding of the issues posed by the location, the behaviour of its users and the application of years of experience to determine what kind of solution would help improve the safety of the junction as a whole.

We know that no two junctions are the same, and that there are various types of junctions. Using our knowledge and expertise, we have a range of solutions that, when combined effectively, will significantly reduce the risk to drivers. Typical junctions that we have improved safety at, are;

  • T junctions (where a minor road joins a major road)
  • Y junctions (where a minor road joins a major road at an angle)
  • Staggered junctions (where roads join from the left and right so the path from one side of the road to another isn’t a straight line)
  • Crossroads
  • Roundabouts

Visual guidance placed directly in a driver’s line of sight such as Variable Message Signs (VMS) or Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) together with our SolarLite Active Road Studs are just some of the intelligent solutions we have installed to give greater visibility and warn drivers of any potential dangers on the road ahead.

Lighting the way

For example, we have enhanced the road delineation at many junctions along the A1 in Scotland. By increasing the visual reference to the approach and at the junction, our road studs give a visual consistency to the route ensuring all major junctions are delineated in the same way. This has been achieved by using red and white led SolarLite Flush Road Studs as road edge and centre delineation; and using amber and green studs to highlight junctions and other egress areas. The studs allow the junctions to be defined to approaching drivers and operate when darkness falls without the need for mains power via solar power batteries.

In total, over 4,100 studs were installed along various sections and junctions covering 14 miles of the A1 from the Scottish border to the Granthouse Junction.

Councillor Michael Veitch, Chair of Scottish A1 Action Group commented “The installation of the studs has, in my view, revolutionised the driving experience on the A1 after dark. Concerns about safety on the largely un-dualled sections of the road between Dunbar and Berwick are well known, therefore any measures to improve the driving experience must be welcome. The studs have improved night-time visibility beyond all recognition along certain parts of the route, and I very much hope they can be extended to all the un-dualled sections east of Innerwick Junction, where the dualling presently ends.”

Our solutions are used to help introduce changes in driver behaviour and improve traffic flow, with the result of improved safety and a reduction in the number of incidents at junctions.

We need to continue to use our knowledge and innovative products to keep addressing road safety and the dangers at many of the junctions throughout our road network.

Call +44(0)1869 362800 or email us, and let’s have a conversation about how we could improve your junction safety.

*Figures - EURORAP report

Author: Marketing M |Date Published: March 2017

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