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The Top 10 road safety, traffic data collection and smart city blogs of 2014

As we progress into 2015, the management team at Clearview Traffic, have been reviewing the most popular and most talked about road safety, traffic data collection and smart city blog posts from 2014 – and we thought we’d share the results with our blog readers.

Our weekly insights, expertise and in-depth knowledge around road safety, traffic data solutions, intelligent road studs, and smart technology in general have delivered a broad and interesting mix of industry blogs, commentary pieces, and hot topic discussions.

So, here’s our Top 10 most popular posts from the Clearview Traffic blog in 2014 –in reverse order from 10 to Number 1:

10How to get the traffic flow data you need on a small budget:- In this blog post, we focus on making the most of limited budgets, as many of our customers are looking for alternative and cost-effective ways to gather traffic data.
9A day in the life of a Field Service Engineer:- An inside look into the typical day of a Field Service Engineer at Clearview Traffic whose job it is to ensure continuous availability of the traffic flow data required by road operators -to help them optimise the management of the road network.
8How can we solve the smart city transport puzzle?:- A one-stop-shop blog post highlighting a series of eight blogs, which formed a neat eight-step process towards intelligent mobility – as well as providing insights into smart technology for 2014, and beyond.
7How do you reduce road sign clutter without affecting road safety?:- The UK’s roadsides have become ridiculously cluttered, with the number of road signs more than doubling since 2003 to over 4.6 million today -this blog investigates further.
6Maintaining signalised junction efficiencies whilst improving cyclist safety in the UK:- With increasing focus on improving road safety for cyclists, we are developing solutions that make the cyclist visible to junctions and optimise junction efficiency for all road users -this blog post takes a closer look.
5How UK motorways are using Clearview Traffic?s smart technology to move traffic and save lives:- This blog post explores ‘Moving Traffic, Saving Lives’ – the strapline for Clearview Traffic, whilst applying it to the wide range of the Groups? products and services and neatly summing up the fact that recently formal Highways Agencyapproval was gained in 2014 for cost-effective vehicle detection for use across the UK as a part of the wider MIDAS system.
4Bicycle detection covered -from all angles!:- As one of the UK’s leading providers of traffic data solutions and improved road safety for cyclists, we’re seeing more local authorities promoting cycling as part of their sustainable travel plans -this blog highlights interesting developments in 2014.
3How do we keep children near schools safe on the roads during Winter nights?:- Road safety for children is always an emotive subject, and in Winter months, the reduced visibility of children in their (often) dark school uniforms makes the challenge of keeping children visible and safe even more difficult. This blog post discusses solutions.
2Clearview Traffic coming to a town near you with our innovative road traffic safety and traffic data solutions:- Following on from the success of our UK roadshows in early 2013, our team hit the roads again in October with the theme for our events being ‘SMARTER Travel: Sustainable routes to unblocking your roads’. See how it went in this blog post.
And finally, taking the top spot:
1Four road safety insights from across the UK:- This blog highlights the key messages to come from participants in the interactive sessions at our roadshows as well as some of the main themes discussed at these superb events of the 2014 calendar.

To find out more about how Clearview Traffic and our innovative road safety, traffic data collection and smart city products and solutions, please get in touch here.

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