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The UK’s roads certainly need a Lifeline

Here at Clearview Traffic, we keep a close eye on road safety and road safety statistics.

Every year, the Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) conduct a survey into the quality and effectiveness of white lining across the UK road network.


They survey more than 7,000km of the UK’s road network, making it the largest and most comprehensive survey of its type.

Overall the report does make for good reading, considering the valuable contribution that road makings make to road safety.

For example, did you know that on England’s roads:

  • 47% of markings on all roads need replacing immediately or are scheduled for replacing
  • Only 17% of road markings are rated as excellent
  • 52% of markings on motorways need replacing immediately or are scheduled for replacing
  • Only 16% of motorway markings are rated as excellent
  • 42% of markings on dual carriageways need replacing immediately or are scheduled for replacing
  • 23% of dual carriageway markings are rated as excellent
  • Worryingly, 48% of single carriageway markings need replacing immediately or are scheduled for replacing
  • Only 13% of single carriageway markings are rated as excellent

The Lifelines Report only surveys the condition of the white lining and does not take into account the state and condition of any road studs that are also installed.

With the apparent poor state of white lining the road safety benefit of road studs, especially on single carriageway roads, where generally the higher proportion of night time serious and fatal accidents occur is even more important.

It is generally accepted that the performance of traditional retro reflective road studs degrades after as little as 12 months use – and after two years they are practically ineffective.

Whilst the RSMA’s Lifelines Report does not fully speculate on the reasons for nearly half the UK’s white lining being so ineffective, poor maintenance and limited replacement due a reduction in spending are likely causes – and this is also likely to be the same for the traditional retro reflective road studs, too.

Active studs offer a compelling lifeline

There are five compelling reasons why Astucia SolarLite Active roads provide a benefit over traditional retro reflective road studs: one of these is their cost effectiveness.

This is because they have a lower lifetime cost, with a life in excess of eight years, when compared to the two year life of the retro reflective stud mentioned above.

Cost is not the only factor and the remaining four compelling reasons are:

  • Smartness – Astucia Active road studs highlight road hazards without relying on headlight illumination alone
  • Safety – 10x better visibility for drivers than traditional reflective studs and visible even in adverse weather, especially important as even good quality white lining is ineffective when covered with standing water/rain.
  • Sustainable – rechargeable using free solar energy
  • Proven – demonstrable reduction in night-time accidents of up to 72%

Even good quality white lining alone should not be relied upon for road safety, and if the state of the UK’s white lining is to go by the condition and effectiveness of the traditional reflective road stud should also be questioned.

Isn’t it about time our roads got the full markings that drivers deserve, to provide them with the best safety measures at night on our roads?

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Author: |Date Published: May 2014

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