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The uncomfortable truth about road safety around UK schools

At Clearview Traffic, road safety is a core area of our expertise, and shapes much of our innovative product development. This is particularly important around UK schools.

AXA Insurance recently launched the Local Road Safety Index, a tool that aims to highlight the number and seriousness of road traffic accidents occurring within 500m of a school.

It’s designed to help local authorities, parents, teachers and road users to have a better understanding of the risks on roads in specified local areas.


Critically, the tool uses the detail behind national road accident statistics, and condenses them into a digestible format, enabling people to look at focussed accident statistics around a chosen school.

More than a PR stunt?

Is it just a PR stunt to show that AXA cares, by using the highly emotive subject of children being involved in accidents? Perhaps. There are also more comprehensive studies available, and informative, dedicated websites such as, but AXA’s direct link with families across the UK gives them the perfect vehicle through which to raise awareness around the importance of road safety.

What Clearview Traffic is doing to contribute to road safety

Recently, we’ve been working with local schools in our offices in Bicester and Glasgow, providing support for their Bikeability training schemes, and running poster competition campaigns, and we’re looking to mirror this at our Kenyan office.

In addition, we’re active sponsors of Brake, the national road safety charity. We recently took part in the Bright Day for Brake event, raising £300 for the charity, and will be again participating in Road Safety Week in late November.

What else could we be doing – do you have any ideas for Road Safety Week initiatives?

To take a closer look at some of our involvement in cycling safety across the UK and what we deliver around road safety solutions, please see our recent blog post here.

Author: |Date Published: October 2013

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