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The Zombie Apocalypse versus Road Planning for 2016

In response to a freedom of information request, it turns out that in the case of a zombie apocalypse it would be down to the local authorities, and not the army, to co-ordinate and lead the response to returning the UK to its ‘pre-crisis glory’.


So let’s hope for everyone’s sake that the UK government has good pre-event planning in place, so its staff can co-ordinate an appropriate response in case there really is a return of the Undead!

However, in the meantime – and perhaps more in the real world – we know that many of us are heavily engaged in the budget planning for the forthcoming financial year.

Here at Clearview, as leading providers of intelligent transport systems, traffic data solutions and road safety products, we work closely with local authorities to ensure that their budgets reach as far as possible in these areas.

With the process of budget planning in full swing, people are taking a hard look at the year ahead with the intent of anticipating what sort of costs could be expected to arise in two, four, six or even twelve months.

Of course much of the budget will be around known requirements.

The ongoing costs of running the road network, improvement plans that have been already signed off, and perhaps a little contingency budgeting provided through a healthy dose of previous years’ experience, providing the cover for any unforeseen apocalyptic events. Although maybe not for zombies!

Obviously the budgets should align to plans that include next winter’s months – November 2016 to March 2017 – even though we have still to finish this current one.

Those plans will include thinking around what’s required on our roads when the evenings and mornings remain dark. How can roads be improved to help with providing more consistent journey times, changing driver behaviour, or improving safety?

These plans of course should include how to make roads safer and more enjoyable to drive even in the darkness of Winter evenings and early mornings, but perhaps it’s worth thinking ahead and considering if the implementation of new features and ideas should happen sooner in the year.

Not later in the year in response to issues that may arise, but to have the solutions in place well before the need requires solving. Our road safety solutions and traffic data solutions focus on this.

Here at Clearview, we are not saying we have a crystal ball available to anticipate your needs, nor any specific zombie-slaying tools, but we do know a thing or two about improving the road users’ journey. It’s a core area of our activities in the UK.

Our range of traffic data solutions can help improve journey time reliability, provide crucial traffic monitoring intelligence, inform user choice and decision-making, help change driver behaviour, and address road safety issues.

If any new ideas were to be considered now or even over the next few months, then it gives everyone the chance to assess the situation, test and approve, and implement well before the need and timescales become critical.

Also the road user benefits (the actual point of making improvements to our roads) would be realised sooner, and consequently more rewards would be reaped for all involved.

There will always be the need to budget for, and respond to unforeseen circumstances, especially in the winter months, but considering the potentials and acting on the probability earlier in the year may help keep unwanted statistics and critical situations away from the ‘must do now’ list in the new budget year. Our intelligent transport systems can provide savings in both time and budget.

For further information on how we can help you make your road planning budgets go further, please get in touch here.

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