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Clearview Intelligence’s Top 10 Blogs of 2017

Having reached the end of 2017 and what a year it was! Looking back, we’ve reviewed our most popular and talked about blogs of 2017 and thought we’d share the results with our readers.

We’ve been able to deliver interesting and diverse blogs on various topics thanks to the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Clearview team. Topics range from junction safety, parking and wireless vehicle detection right through to our meet the team blog.

So, here’s our Top 10 most popular posts from Clearview Intelligence in 2017—in reverse order from 10 to 1:

10. The largest single cause of serious injury on our roads…

Junctions are the point where traffic merges and drivers get to change direction, and because this is the biggest single point of interaction and change on a road system it stands to reason that this poses the biggest threat to other drivers.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

9. How wireless vehicle detection could give you the MIDAS touch: a cost-effective alternative to inductive loops

In a bid to tackle congestion on England’s motorways, Highways England is working to maximise their capacity by making them ‘smart’. Smart motorway technology does this by optimising the flow of traffic in several ways.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

8. LoRaWhat? LoRaWAN and its application to Intelligent Transport Systems

LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is an LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) specification for a communication network, defined by the LoRa Alliance (a group of organisations working on networks and technology for IoT). LoRaWAN has been designed specifically for communication between remote networks of IoT devices and data gathering systems.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

7. Boosting parking compliance. How technology is helping to call the shots

It doesn’t really matter if you manage a car park for a local authority, an NHS Health Trust, an education facility, a retail park or a corporate company, at some point the issue of how to enforce your parking regulations will be on the agenda. And if that’s on the agenda, then how to deal with frustrated customers and potential bad press will not be far behind.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

6. Meet the team: Andy Salotti, Head of Solutions

In this blog, our Head of Solutions, Andy, explains what’s involved in his role and discusses how Clearview Intelligence develop innovative road safety solutions in response to the specific issues our clients are facing.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

5. Look No Wires: using wireless vehicle detection to reduce congestion

Traffic flows better and congestion is reduced when signalised junctions use adaptive traffic control (ATC) systems such as SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique) and MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation).

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

4. Driving in the dark: how targeting night-time road safety can make a big difference to the total number of fatal accidents

We believe that looking for trends in when and where road deaths occur offers the best return on investment and the greatest chance for the UK to meet its commitment to reducing road deaths. One such trend centres on driving at night. Figures compiled by the Department for Transport (DfT) suggest that driving at night is more dangerous than during the day.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

3. How to get a good return from your road safety investment

With such reduced budgets, how can you make the case for continuing to invest in road safety initiatives? As firsts of their kind, two free to use ROI calculators have been developed by Clearview Intelligence to assist road safety and network managers in quantifying the benefits of road safety schemes.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

2. Let’s use technology to reduce junction dangers

With good visibility hard to come by during the winter months, drivers need to be extra vigilant on the roads, especially around junctions where interaction with other vehicles is at its highest.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

1. Calming the bumpy road to speed compliance

Speed bumps have long been the default solution for local authorities wishing to facilitate a reduction in speeding vehicles on certain sections of road, particularly in built-up areas. However, research by the Imperial College London has found that the level of harmful emissions from diesel cars increases significantly when vehicles slow down and accelerate.

Read the full blog post here to find out more.

We would like to wish all of our readers a very happy and prosperous 2018 and look forward to delivering more useful industry blogs throughout the year.

To find out more about Clearview Intelligence or our solutions, please get in touch.

Author: Marketing M |Date Published: January 2018

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