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What do you think of road safety for cyclists in the UK?

During a presentation on promoting safer cycling on and off highway at the recent Clearview Traffic road show events, we reviewed key findings from the latest DfT and TfL studies and discussed evidence about cost effective methods that can be deployed to improve cyclist safety.

A survey of attendees revealed some useful and illuminating information about the positive impact of additional funding such as LSTF in increasing the focus on this key concern for Britain’s roads, which we have collated into an easy-to-review infographic below.

Cycle safety infographic

Whilst established road casualty statistics from 2011 clearly outline that the majority of cyclist accidents on our roads occur at or near junctions, this sort of headline does not always translate into preventative action. However, this danger is clearly understood by our audience, with 68% of those questioned already implementing or looking at cyclist detection at junctions as a primary focus for increasing safety of cyclists.

Even more encouragingly, there is a clear move forward for cyclist safety in the amount of investment being put into preventative measures; 86% of our attendees are already investing in or considering cycle safety schemes in their communities. We, of course, welcome this.

The Astucia SolarLite product has already built a strong reputation for increases night time cycle path safety and usage, through enhancing cycle path delineation.

And now a brand new innovation on the market, the Golden River M100BR bicycle detector is being deployed on cycle lane approaches and at advance stop lines to recognise the presence of cyclists at traffic signals. Aimed at changing cyclist and driver behaviour, this solution will prevent cyclists from feeling frustrated and jumping red lights and can be used to offer them safe passage through signals ahead of other traffic.

If you’d like to find out more about these innovative lifesaving solutions, please feel free to contact us here.

Author: |Date Published: May 2013

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