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What does sustainability mean to Clearview Traffic?

If you type ‘sustainability’ into Google Images, it’s easy to think that sustainability is just about being ‘green’ or minimising a company’s impact on the environment in its daily operations.

Many companies pay lip service to it, and think that by shredding waste paper and utilising recycling bins in the office that they’re embracing sustainability.


At Clearview Traffic, we think about our environmental impact – but also how we can continuously improve this, and how our products minimise the energy dent on the planet.

We do this by looking at the initial design elements of our products, including:

  • Using raw materials and components from responsible sources
  • Examining the logistics of moving materials, components and products and how we can minimise our carbon footprint
  • Working with supply chain partners to encourage minimal waste, pollution and associated impacts in the processing of raw materials and in the manufacture of components, sub-assemblies and our finished products
  • Minimising the amount of packaging within and around our products, and focusing on using recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible
  • Ensuring that at the end of a product’s life, we have a responsible attitude towards disposal – and complying with WEEE and ROHS Directives

Our vision is to provide solutions that are smart, safe and sustainable: products that are designed to minimise the power they consume, so that they can be self-powered by solar power or other renewable and recyclable means – including harvesting solar energy via in-built photovoltaic cells in our products.

We also find ourselves as a business in the unusual position that our products and the data they provide can directly affect the sustainability of the transport ecosystem, as local authorities and road operators use our solutions to monitor the flow or traffic – enabling them to predict, prevent and intervene.
Armed with the intelligence from our products, traffic officers can respond more effectively to changing conditions and take measures to proactively redirect traffic, alter traffic signal phasing, provide real-time traffic information services to road users.

The benefits? Reducing casualties on roads, reducing congestion, and increasing the capacity and effectiveness of road networks.

Sustainability is a key strand to our future strategy and we were pleased and proud earlier this year to be recognised for our efforts in the European Business Awards – where we became UK National Champions for Environmental and Corporate Responsibility.

To find out more about our commitment to sustainability in road traffic monitoring and road safety solutions, please feel free to get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: October 2013


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