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Why preparing for adverse Winter weather is about more than testing tyres

iStock_000026685182_LargeAhead of Road Safety Awareness Week and the various initiatives we’ll be involved in as a business in November, the focus for October is firmly on Tyre Safety Month.

Tyre Safety Month is a fantastic road safety initiative, and one that we fully endorse and support, as a leading provider of road safety solutions – find out more about it here.

However, it’s not just about the quality and safety of the tyres on cars that counts, but also the roads and surface of the road networks they are travelling on (and how well maintained they are) to ultimately preserve tyres for a longer duration, that also makes a massive difference on road safety in general and tyre longevity for vehicles on the road.

The role of road markings:

We’ve seen that active road studs offer a better social as well as financial return on investment to make our roads both safer and potentially more dynamic.

These types of road markings create offer a highly effective delineation offering and represent a measurable and positive difference to road safety solutions currently on the marketplace.

Solar-powered active road studs are smart, safe, and sustainable – and can have such an impact on night-time road safety – as well as providing guidance and reassurance to drivers during the hours of darkness.

Dynamic active road studs also increase safety and guidance both in tunnels and highways, and these statistics further highlight why the use of intelligent road studs should be prioritised as a way to increase road safety in the UK:

  • The months of January to March 2014 saw a 4% increase in road fatalities
  • On rural roads during that period fatal or serious injury accidents increased by 7%
  • Half the accidents from only 1/3 of journeys occur during the hours of darkness
  • Not just vehicles that need to be prepared for winter
  • The RSMA 2014 Lifelines Report on the quality of white lining shows that 47% of white lining in England need replacing immediately
  • Traditional road studs degrade after only 18 to 24 months
  • Astucia road studs are proven to reduce night time accidents by up to 70%
  • Provide drivers with up to 10 times greater reaction time to hazards such as bends in the road
  • Last up to four times longer than traditional road studs

To find out more about our dynamic road studs, please visit here.

Author: |Date Published: October 2014

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