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Client: Jacobs on behalf of Telford & Wrekin Council

Date of Installation: February 2012

Location: A41 Chetwynd, UK

A41 Chetwynd with SolarLite and Hardwired Road Studs


The A41 north of Telford, Shropshire running through Chetwynd is a notoriously dangerous stretch of road due to a staggered junction with few road markings, delineation or signage.

This area of road has been highlighted as an accident blackspot due to vehicles frequently exceeding the 60mph speed limit and the area being prone to fog and the elements, impacting greatly on driver visibility especially in the hours of darkness.

The staggered junction also contributed to making this a hazardous stretch of road as oncoming traffic did not have clear visibility of vehicles joining the carriageway in darkness. The road was creating a lot of local concerns on road safety.


In February 2012, 105 Clearview Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs were installed along the roadside of the A41 carriageway and 200 SolarLite Flush Road Studs were installed in the centre of the road giving drivers clearer guidance and visibility of the road ahead for a distance of 900m.

Two radar controlled Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) were installed at either side of the connecting roads just before they joined the main A41 carriageway and if a vehicle were to exceed the speed limit on passing either of the VAS signs, they would flash "Slow Down".

The hardwired studs deployed as part of this system were programmed to constantly emit low level light during the hours of darkness, automatically changing to full brightness upon activation of the VAS signs, thus dramatically increasing the driver's visibility of the road ahead.

This unique road safety system decreased in the number of collisions on this section of the A41 carriageway.

Download PDF: A41 Chetwynd Road Studs case study

Key Benefits

  • Reduced lifetime costs compared with traditional road studs
  • 10x greater visibility for drivers than traditional reflective road studs
  • Greater visibility in adverse weather conditions e.g. fog, rain or surface spray

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“I would like to thank Clearview for their technical expertise, support and collaborative working in helping to deliver a challenging, yet innovative road safety solution for the A41 Chetwynd road junction. The efforts and commitment demonstrated from the outset at our initial sales meeting, through to the design support, client meetings and on site supervision / coordination of works, is commendable and showed true professionalism. This was an excellent example of partnership working and we look forward to working with Clearview on future projects.”

Technical Director
Traffic, Transportation and Road Safety Team

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