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Dynamic Lane Marking

Improving safety at one of England’s busiest motorway junctions with Intelligent Road Studs

Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald on behalf of Highways England | October 1st 2018 / Links: Route Safety Dynamic Lane Marking

IRS2 Intelligent Road Stud scheme improving safety at one of England’s busiest motorway junctions.

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Accident reduction on A720 Sheriffhall Roundabout

BEAR Scotland and Amey on behalf of Transport Scotland / Links: Route Safety Junction Safety Dynamic Lane Marking

Award winning Reduction of Inadvertent Lane Transgression

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Reducing congestion at the Blackwall tunnel

Mott Macdonald and Transport for London (TfL) / Links: Dynamic Lane Marking Network Management

Intelligent Hardwired Bi-Directional Road Studs installed at Blackwall Tunnel in Kent to create a contra-flow from the southern boar to the northern boar.

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Reduced congestion at the Hindhead Tunnel

Lochwynd | October 1st 2010 / Links: Dynamic Lane Marking Network Management

In 2010, Clearview Intelligence installed 868 Hardwired Bi-Directional Road Studs in the Hindhead Tunnel, Surrey - a project commenced by the Highways Agency in 2007 to remove a major source of congestion around the A3/A287 junction

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Improving road safety on the N236 Fauna Passage

Province of Noord - Holland / Links: Enhanced Delineation Dynamic Lane Marking

Clearview Intelligence IRS1 studs prove financially and environmentally sound in key nature area

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