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Client: The States Of Guernsey

Location: Guernsey

Counting traffic on Guernsey


With its cobbled streets and picturesque seafront marinas, Guernsey’s capital, St Peter Port has been a busy port town since Roman times. The island is 9 miles long and spans an area of 24.3 square miles with a population of around 65,000 residents. Financial services and tourism make up most of Guernsey’s economy and the island is one of the sunniest places in the UK.

The States of Guernsey is the parliament of the British Crown dependency. Government responsibility for traffic management on the Island rests with the Environment Department. Its Traffic Officers approached Clearview Intelligence with the requirement to acquire traffic data from roads leading to and within the main urban conurbations around the island. The authorities wanted to gain a better understanding of traffic flow along those major roads, particularly for peak time movements.

Clearview was able to provide a product with the ability to monitor these strategically important sites.


Twenty one studs were deployed at ten key locations across the island, the majority on the main road approaches to St Peter Port. Other deployment locations included major roads at Landes du Marche and Route Militaire where there is a mix of business and housing.

The Clearview M210 logging studs provided the ideal solution. Quick and easy to install, they offered minimal disruption to the island's road network and eliminated the need to deploy additional equipment or street furniture at the roadside. The M210 offered a fast, cost effective, permanent solution for traffic data collection as opposed to using inductive loops.

The studs are proving to be a great success and are providing accurate, reliable and readily downloadable data from all ten sites and have now given the island of Guernsey a robust traffic counting system from which they will benefit greatly going forward.

Download PDF: Counting traffic on Guernsey case study

Key Benefits

  • Fast cost effective installation
  • Minimal data collection trips requiring saving time, money and carbon emissions
  • No maintenance required, increasing efficiency
  • Unobtrusive and less likely to sustain damage from road use
  • Renewable energy source reduces environmental impact
  • Roadside wireless connection enables safe data collection
  • More cost-effective than inductive loops or pneumatic tubes

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