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Client: Dundee City Council

Date of Installation: April 2010

Location: City of Dundee, Scotland

Cyclists in Dundee benefit from night time delineation of cycle paths following the installation of 130 SolarLite Intelligent road studs. These provide cyclists with clearer and more defined guidance of the path ahead for up to 900m.


Dundee City Council has created and continues to promote an extensive network of cycle paths in and around the City as part of their sustainable travel initiatives. This also includes a way marked 26 mile ‘Green Circular’ path around Dundee City. All routes are supported with online information, maps and their ‘Travel Active’ scheme to actively encourage cycling in and around the City.

‘Greenways’ in Dundee are cycle routes that link the City Centre, The University of Dundee, Balgay Park, Ninewells Hospital, South Road Park and the Green Circular. These routes provide a useful link between work places, shops, leisure facilities and recreation areas.


Two sections of the Dundee Greenways cycle network have benefited from the installation of enhanced night time delineation including the Tay Bridge Cycle path, where the path runs alongside Riverside Drive, and also the Ninewells Hospital cycle path that runs from the Hospital towards Balgay Park.

In excess of 130 SolarLite Intelligent road studs have been installed across the two locations and provide cyclists with clearer and more defined guidance of the path ahead for up to 900m.

These intelligent road studs utilise ‘green’ free solar energy to charge the studs during the daylight hours and automatically illuminate during the hours of darkness. The flush profile of the SolarLite stud being less than 4mm ensure that they are unobtrusive and bicycle wheel, walker and wheel chair friendly whilst being highly visible at night.

Download PDF: Cycle Path Delineation in Dundee City case study

Key Benefits

  • Significantly increased visibility and personal safety for cyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users
  • Increased number of cyclists using the pathway
  • Promotes and encourages environmentally friendly travel options

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“The SolarLite road studs are far more cost effective and environmentally friendly than the option of street lighting whilst increasing the feeling of safety amongst the cyclists using the cycle path network.”

Raymond Tulley

Dundee City Council

“The SolarLite Intelligent road studs for this application are effective, simple and ingenious!”

Neil Gellatly
Dundee City Council

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