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Client: Amey on behalf of Transport Scotland

Date of Installation: March 2016

Location: A1 Scotland

SolarLite Active Road Studs used to improve route safety on the A1 in Scotland through enhanced delineation.


The A1 is the longest numbered road in the UK, at 410 miles (660 km), connecting the capitals of London and Edinburgh.

The A1 Action Group is made up of elected members from Scottish Borders and East Lothian Council, transportation groups and community councils and is campaigning for single carriageway sections to be dualled. They also seek other ways to improve the safety performance on the road.

Transport Scotland attended meetings in which measures were discussed to ensure that the improving road safety record of the route could be further developed, by concentrating on more local improvements. Representations were made from local communities along the route which mainly focused on the junctions of the A1.

Transport Scotland, together with their operating company for the route, Amey, worked with the local communities to take on board the issues highlighted and design measures which would help reduce concerns. To get an appreciation of the concerns, this included a drive through of each of the junctions during the day and hours of darkness. Entering or exiting the A1 during the hours of darkness was highlighted as a major area of concern.

The proposals for improvements targeted three main concerns;

  • General visibility to and from the junctions
  • Lack of consistency of signing and road markings
  • The lack of definition at and around the junctions


Transport Scotland and Amey proposed the installation of an innovative solution with the use of solar powered LED road studs at nine junctions on the route. This gave a visual consistency to the route by ensuring all major junctions were treated similarly.

The studs allow the junctions to be defined to approaching drivers and to operate in darkness without the need for external power.

Clearview Intelligence’s solution included using white and red SolarLite Flush Road Studs as road edge and centre delineation; and using amber and green studs to highlight junctions and other egress areas.

In total, there were over 4,100 studs installed along various sections and junctions covering 14 miles of the A1 from the Scottish border to the Granthouse Junction.

The works were completed in early 2016 including a full refreshment of road marking. The effectiveness of the measures will continue to be assessed as part of the annual review of accidents on the trunk road network.

Download PDF: A1 Scotland SolarLite stud case study

Key Benefits

  • Improved safety through greater awareness of oncoming junctions
  • Enhanced driver experience via increased visibility of the oncoming road layout
  • Less environmental impact through use of solar power
  • Local community is engaged and feel safer

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“The installation of the studs has, in my view, revolutionised the driving experience on the A1 after dark. Concerns about safety on the largely un-dualled sections of the road between Dunbar and Berwick are well known, therefore any measures to improve the driving experience must be welcome. The studs have improved night-time visibility beyond all recognition along certain parts of the route, and I very much hope they can be extended to all the undualled sections east of Innerwick Junction, where the dualling presently ends.”

Councillor Michael Veitch
Chair of Scottish A1 Action Group
Dunbar & East Linton Ward

“Any measures that improve the safety of our road users are welcomed by Police Scotland. The installation of flush solar studs and refreshed road markings will undoubtedly assist approaching and emerging drivers to safely negotiate these hazards. The next review of this section of the Trunk Road network should show how effective this solution has been. It clearly demonstrates the importance of working together with the local community and partners and using up to date technology to improve the overall safety of our road network in Scotland”

Derek Marsh
Trunk Road Traffic Management Unit
Police Service of Scotland

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