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Client: ARUP South Africa

Date of Installation: July 2011

Location: Tatu City, Kenya, Africa

Clearview Intelligence offers years of experience in traffic data collection and monitoring. In addition to having the key skills to carry out accurate traffic studies Clearview Intelligence boasts an array of Automatic Traffic Counters (ATC) including Video, Pneumatic, Radar and Manual counters that can easily be deployed to any part of the world where required.


In July 2011, consulting companies involved in the design of the new Tatu City in Kenya had a requirement for an accurate and complete illustration of weekly traffic patterns including data retrieval such as volume, traffic flows and vehicle speeds. This was performed over one week duration, servicing roads leading to and from the proposed city.

With a recognised reputation for accurate traffic surveys Clearview was approached by consulting engineers at ARUP South Africa to propose a solution to undertake survey works at 14 count locations. Previous manual counting attempts at these locations proved inconclusive with a lot of time wasted.

ARUP were seeking a quick but accurate solution to their requirements. Every country presents a separate challenge and on this particular activity Clearview was faced with not having adequate fixed roadside features to secure the survey equipment to. Clearview's survey engineers using their valuable knowledge and experience were able to protect the equipment from both vandalism and theft and not a single counter was lost.


Clearview Intelligence responded to the requirements by completing initial site surveys to assess the sites for survey feasibility, and based on each site survey a report was produced.

Within a week the report was reviewed and approved with the consulting engineers and survey works commenced. Highly skilled survey engineers were deployed using the M420 Pneumatic Automatic Tube Counters to carry out the survey work. The engineers quickly observed and completed all procedures with the roads authorities, traffic police and municipal councils allowing them to safely work on the roads and with minimum disruption.


All survey sites were also visited for verification purposes by an ARUP engineer and all M420 counters were verified to ensure count accuracy.

Clearview was able to successfully complete the survey works and produce volume, flow and speed reports as required by ARUP South Africa.

Download PDF: M420 Traffic Survey, Kenya case study

Key Benefits

  • Time stamp of axle data - removes the need for expensive repeat surveying
  • Clear LCD display to confirm correct operation whilst on site
  • Intuitive user interface - no need for additional devices (e.g. PC or PDA)
  • Fast and easy data collection direct to a flash drive (memory stick)
  • Long life battery

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