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Client: Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council

Location: Canterbury, Kent

Canterbury City Council had been investigating ways to increase the effective use of their car parks and to help reduce congestion within the City. Clearview Intelligence developed a solution to this issue by encouraging optimum use of car parks. Highlighting available spaces to drivers allowed them to utilise all available parking spaces and keep traffic flowing.


During peak shopping periods traffic queues to City Centre car parks often lead to congestion issues with some car parks at gridlock whilst others just a short distance away are left with many available parking spaces. This leads to driver frustration, queuing and congestion within the City. Congestion also has a negative environmental impact, increasing emissions from idling cars whilst waiting to find an available parking space.


Clearview Intelligence designed a solution for real-time data to interface with the Kent County Council Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) system to calculate the car parking space occupancy of their car parks. Data is collected at entrances and exits of the car parks by the M680 Vehicle Count and Classification system. The M680 accurately and reliably detects vehicles as they pass over inductive loops embedded in the road surface. Data is transmitted automatically every 5 minutes via GPRS and Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the Clearview Intelligence instation located in the Traffic Data Centre in the Kent County Council office where the occupancy of the car parks is calculated. This information is then sent via GPRS to Variable Message Signs (VMS) signs to direct drivers to car parks where spaces are available.

Download PDF: Optimising car park usage in Canterbury case study

Key Benefits

  • More efficient use of car parks by drivers
  • Reduction in driver frustration
  • Reduced congestion in the City Centre
  • Reduced environmental impact with less emissions produced from idling cars

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“Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council are very pleased with the car park system which will significantly reduce the volume of waiting cars and will help to reduce congestion in the city. This solution will also please the public who will be directed to car parks where they can be confident that there will be available spaces. We are very pleased by the professionalism used by Clearview Intelligence to deliver this cost effective solution.”

John Fincher

Kent Highways Services

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