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Case Studies

Success stories of Clearview Intelligence solutions deployed in the UK and across the world.

Improved journey times along the motorway network

Dynniq / Links: Network Management Wireless Vehicle Detection Ramp Metering MIDAS

Wireless Vehicle Detection smoothing traffic flow across 14 locations along the M8 M73 M74 motorway network.

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Robust vehicle detection enabling MOVA

Staffordshire County Council / Links: Network Management Wireless Vehicle Detection

M100 wireless vehicle detection system used to provide a more durable alternative to inductive loops in an area with high heavy goods vehicle (HGV) traffic.

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Active Road Studs on the A38 provide enhanced delineation and greater longevity

Highways England and WJ / Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation

Highways England upgraded from retro-reflective road studs and installed more than 5,000 of our SolarLite Active Road Studs on both carriageways along a 10 kilometre stretch of the A38 in Derbyshire.

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Enhanced delineation through Safer Roads Funding

North Lincolnshire Council / Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation

SolarLite Active Road Studs help improve road safety on the A161 after this was identified as one of England’s 50 most dangerous roads.

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Route safety with traffic signals and VAS

Amey / Links: Route Safety Junction Safety

Reducing accidents by combining traffic signals and Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS), while prioritising ambulances at Borders General Hospital.

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Falkirk Towpath Delineation

Scottish Canals / Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety

Over 13km of the Union Canal towpath in Falkirk, has now been significantly improved with the installation of around 3,000 Bi-Directional SolarLite Active Road Studs. These now delineate both edges of the towpath at night to provide cyclists and pedestrians with more clearly defined guidance and visibility of the path ahead for up to a distance of 900m.

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Dynamic Queue Warning on the A77 Bellfield Interchange

Scotland TranServ | September 1st 2017 / Links: Route Safety Queue Protection

Vehicle activated dynamic signage used to alert drivers to queueing traffic on the road ahead - helping them to avoid rear end shunt accidents. Using multiple detection locations, the warnings are tailored to whether the queue is on the slip road or extending onto the main carriageway.

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Cycle Path Delineation on Oxford Road

Manchester City Council / Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety

SolarLite Active Road Studs were deployed on Oxford Road in Manchester as part of its flagship cycle safety scheme to highlight the cycle path to cyclists and make them aware of pedestrian crossings where the cycle path is diverted around bus stops.

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pedeSOLAR with SolarLite Active Road Studs

STRAIL (UK) / Links: Pathway Guidance

Improving safety for pedestrians on railway crossings using pedeSOLAR level crossing system with integrated SolarLite solar powered active road studs to delineate the edges of the crossing.

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