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Client: Perth & Kinross Council

Date of Installation: April 2013

Location: Perth & Kinross region

Perth & Kinross Council count traffic at their Recycling Centres


With a population of more than 147,000 living in an area covering 5,286 square kilometres,the residents of Perth & Kinross produce a significant amount of waste on a daily basis. Perth & Kinross Council provides nine Recycling Centres in total across the local authority to enable its residents to dispose of this waste as efficiently as possible.

The authority needed more insight about the usage patterns and traffic volumes at each of its Centres, such that they could better tailor service provision at each centre to more effectively meet demand. Historically, the only key measurement had been tonnage of waste being recycled with no ability to track the number of visitors, nor the patterns of use at each centre. Any counts that were carried out had been periodic and administered manually on a site by site basis, making it both time consuming and cumbersome with reduced manpower whilst this was being

The seven Recycling Centres that were initially identified were spread across the region and the Council was keen to collect data from each site to analyse and detect trends in usage patterns.

The goal was to identify peaks and troughs in demand and to gain more insight into the times of day each of the centres were busy and quiet and the frequency of those peaks and troughs. Automating the traffic counts at each facility on a daily basis would yield accurate data, enabling a deeper understanding of customer usage patterns, allowing the centres to improve efficiency and streamline services to make each centre more cost effective.


The installation of the Clearview M210 logging studs at the seven Recycling Centres has given Perth & Kinross Council the ability to monitor the number of vehicles accessing each site on a daily basis, 365 days a year.

The data collected is easy to download and can be provided in a clear and concise manner which has enabled the Council to analyse initial findings since the installations in April 2013 and work with more specific and accurate data than they previously had available.

Results have given them the opportunity to study the patterns of use and popularity between the seven sites, as well as monitor demand at opening and closing times in accordance. From this data, they can continually optimise staffing levels at each site to meet demand, ultimately resulting in cost savings and more efficiently run centres.

The M210 logging stud offered a unique and innovative solution for a low cost vehicle counting device in a solar powered self contained unit, resulting in a fast cost effective installation with no disruption, mains or cabling requirements. This provided a sustainable long-term solution to the requirement in a timely and efficient manner which was welcomed by Perth & Kinross Council.

The success of the initial scheme has resulted in two further sites having M210 studs installed in November 2013 resulting in installations at all of the nine Recycling Centres throughout the Perth & Kinross region.

Download PDF: Counting traffic at Recycling Centres case study

Key Benefits

  • Data easily downloadable and presented clearly & concisely
  • Minimal data collection trips resulting in saving time and costs
  • Renewable energy source reduces environmental impact
  • No maintenance required, increasing efficiency
  • Roadside wireless connection enables safe data collection
  • More cost effective than inductive loops, pneumatic tubes or manual counts

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“The quality of service was very high from Clearview Intelligence, from the initial meetings to discuss the product, all the way to the installation of the studs. The support provided throughout from Clearview has been very helpful.The data so far has proved very useful to allow us to monitor how many vehicles of Perth and Kinross are using the Recycling Centres.”

Waste Services and Community Greenspace Manager

Perth & Kinross Council

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