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Client: South Ayrshire Council

Location: South Ayrshire

Solarlite Road Studs have been installed along the extensive cycle path network in South Ayrshire creating an environmentally friendly and safe solution for the cycle path located in the wooded area.


South Ayrshire Council has been integral in developing the Ayrshire Coast Cycleway through the creation, improvement and maintenance of a number of local cycle routes. This 19 mile section takes in long stretches of the Ayrshire coastline between Irvine, Troon, Prestwick and Ayr, and has spectacular views across to the Isle of Arran. Some of the routes form part of the National Cycle Network, a comprehensive network of safe and attractive routes to cycle throughout the UK. Improvements funded locally by South Ayrshire Council and partners have included new routes and associated infrastructure such as signing, route lining and cycle facilities.

The aim is to encourage more people to travel via sustainable transport for both work and pleasure, and to help to reduce the environmental impacts of car journeys. A section of the route between Alloway and Burton runs through a wooded area and the Council were keen to find an environmentally friendly lighting option that would provide users with increased visibility and a sense of personal safety.


Over 600 white and red bi-directional SolarLite Road Studs were installed along the length of the wooded section between Alloway and Burton along the edges of the cycle path for a distance of approximately 2.5km. The solar powered road studs contain a Light Emitting Diode (LED) which automatically illuminates during the hours of darkness to provide up to 900m visibility. This allows cyclists and other users to view the pathway ahead clearly, providing them with a greater degree of safety and sense of security.

Download PDF: South Ayrshire Cycle Path Case Study


  • Provides clear advance visibility of the cycle path layout and any potential obstacles or hazards
  • Offers high visibility even in adverse weather conditions
  • Low operating cost option for improving night time visibility
  • Encourages greater use of the cycle path network at night

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“We were keen to find an environmentally friendly lighting option which would provide users of the local cycle network, which runs through wooded areas, with increased visibility and a sense of improved personal safety, Clearview Road Studs have successfully addressed these requirements and South Ayrshire Council has received nothing but positive feedback on the installation.”

Shirley Peters
Transportation Team
South Ayrshire Council

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