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Case Studies

Traffic network monitoring in London

Clearview Intelligence works on a wide variety of projects where ongoing maintenance is of huge importance to ensure continuous and accurate data collection. Good and reliable road network management is of paramount importance in our nation’s capital city where Clearview Intelligence equipment is key in ensuring smooth traffic flows.


Road network management in London is highly complex. TfL use advanced traffic detection to understand the flow of traffic through the capital. This information underpins TfL’s transport modelling, which is used to understand the implications of road closures or major events on the surrounding roads and wider area. This allows diversion routes to be optimised and congestion minimised. Clearview Intelligence has worked with TfL since 1996 to help overcome these complexities by developing, installing and maintaining network monitoring services to ensure a reliable and accurate supply of data.


More than 300 real-time traffic monitoring units have been installed in London since 1996. Data is relayed via GPRS communications to the TfL data centre in Westminster, London SW1. This is used to provide strategic monitoring of traffic flows and optimise network capacity. The system covers red routes, the Borough Principal Road Network, together with key routes across London. The network has been expanded to include the Thames Gateway Bridge, the Smarter Travel Sutton Project, and the Olympic Park. Additional sites are planned, showing TfL’s commitment to ensuring smooth traffic flows.

Ongoing maintenance of the system is essential to ensure a reliable and meaningful flow of data. Clearview Intelligence’s established field maintenance service ensures network availability is maximised. As part of this TfL have a dedicated Clearview Field Service Engineer engaged in both routine maintenance and responding to unforeseen network issues. This includes procedures to ensure a consistently high quality of service to TfL.

Clearview Intelligence’s innovative approach has resulted in a more efficient network with accurate, reliable data delivered in real-time to TfL. This data underpins much of their transport modelling, thus is of vital importance to the smooth running of the capital.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced installation and life time costs through the use of solar power
  • Cost effective management through remote management and data collection
  • Quick response to unforeseen network issues through a dedicated field service engineer
  • Superior vehicle data capture accuracy


Clearview Intelligence was selected on the basis of the excellent efficiency and reliability of their traffic monitoring units. TfL has a very close working relationship with Clearview based on a mutual understanding of each other’s needs.

Lee Abbott
Principal Transport Planner
Transport for London

M680 Vehicle Count and Classification

Designed to meet the demands of traffic data collection projects in various locations, the M680 detects vehicles as they pass over inductive loops embedded in the road surface. With unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and versatility the M680 can be used in both slow and fast moving traffic environments, making it perfect for both parking and general traffic applications.