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Trouble free traffic light control in Blackburn

An easy to install and cost effective solution for traffic light control working across all urban control systems including System D, MOVA, SCOOT and SCATS


Traditional inductive loops, whilst reliable in themselves, are vulnerable to unexpected failure caused by road degradation and utilities streetworks; digging up and cutting through loop tails.

This can be a problem, particularly where loops are used as part of traffic light control systems and consistent operation is vital in ensuring the safe and congestion free running of the road.

Capita Symonds working on behalf of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has been regularly faced with these issues when using traditional inductive loops and are delighted with the opportunity to install a more cost effective and reliable alternative technology from Clearview Intelligence.


The M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System, which has full UK Highways Agency type approval, was installed at 3 sites in Blackburn. The system uses small magnetometer sensors in the middle of the carriageway in place of traditional inductive loops. This small, independent unit, which has an expected life of 10 years, communicates via wireless technology to an access point situated on a nearby pole. This then works via an M120 contact closure card to inform the traffic light controller that vehicles are present.

Installation of the M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System is quicker and more cost effective than traditional loops, providing significant cost savings of over 35% on a typical signalised junction. As a result of greater reliability and reduced replacement costs this is further increased to over 45% when compared over a 10 year life.


By implementing the M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System at three major sites we have reduced installation costs by £60,000 and will continue to create efficiency savings through reduced replacement and maintenance costs.

Ian Richardson
Capita Symonds

M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System

Accurate and easy to install wireless vehicle detection system. A cost effective alternative to inductive loops suitable for a range of applications, including traffic signal control systems such as MOVA and SCOOT and for vehicle detection in MIDAS applications.