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Client: Amey

Location: A1/ A198 roundabout & A720 Edinburgh Bypass/ Lasswade Road slipway

An innovative solution that warns drivers if they drive the wrong way up a slip road, approaching on-coming traffic and creating a potentially dangerous situation


The A1/ A198 roundabout in Tranent and the A720 City of Edinburgh Bypass/ Lasswade Road slipway had both suffered issues with drivers travelling the wrong way down slip roads towards fast moving, multi-carriageway traffic.

At both locations, there were static ‘no entry’ signs but Amey was still continuing to receive reports of drivers travelling the wrong way down an exit slip lane, towards vehicles exiting the motorway or dual carriageways at fast speeds and risking a head-on collision.

After working closely with Clearview over a number of years, Amey approached the team to discuss how technology and new thinking could be employed to provide an enhanced warning system. In order to attract the attention of drivers it was recommended that the new solution only triggers when a dangerous situation is detected.


With the static signs not proving effective enough, Amey worked with Clearview Intelligence to use Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) to alert drivers who were travelling the wrong way. Inductive loops were installed in the ground and connected to Clearview’s M680 count and classify system. Using variations in the inductive field, the loops can detect the speed, classification, and vehicles travelling overhead.

When the system detects a vehicle travelling the wrong way down the slip road, it triggers a VAS ahead of the driver, displaying a ‘no entry’ symbol and wording. This enables the driver to realise their error before reaching the motorway or dual carriageway and turn around immediately.

At the same time as triggering the sign, Clearview’s Insight software platform sends an auto alert to notify Traffic Scotland control centre of a potential hazard, with cameras also installed to enable operators to view the live situation.

Download PDF: Wrong Way Slip Detection Lasswade or email us to discuss a similar scheme on your network.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced risk of head-on collision through Vehicle Activated Sign
  • Operators immediately informed of potential risk to increase reaction time
  • Warning signs allow drivers to quickly rectify error
  • VAS signs more noticeable to drivers who may have missed static signs through lack of attention

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“We are delighted to have worked with Clearview to introduce new technology, and to have implemented these enhanced safety measures in certain locations on the South East trunk road network. Our priority will always be to ensure the safety of the travelling public, and to implement effective and innovative solutions that offer enhanced protection for road users. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Clearview to provide further innovative safety improvements in the future.”

Tom Wallace
Account Manager, Scottish South East Trunk Road Unit

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