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Wireless vehicle detection is a cost-effective alternative to loops. Deployed in the centre of a traffic lane at the same point at which you would install inductive loops, Clearview Intelligence’s magnetometer studs are suitable for a range of applications, including traffic signal control systems such as MOVA and SCOOT.

Such traffic signal control systems reduce congestion by ensuring traffic signals respond to where traffic is building around the junction.
See our M100 system in action below.

With adaptive traffic signal control systems such as SCOOT and MOVA, the more detection sites you have and the further from the stop line this extends, the better the management of traffic flows and build up. However, this advance detection makes inductive loops expensive to install due to the required ducting and trenching. In contrast, there is no requirement for ducting and trenching with wireless vehicle detection. This results in a lower cost and far quicker installation, and with a battery life of 8 to 10 years, you can be assured of reduced lifetime costs as well.

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Trouble free traffic light control in Blackburn

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council benefitted from reduced installation and maintenance costs by switching to wireless vehicle detection.

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The changing face of traffic lights with SCOOT and MOVA

Adaptive Signal Control such as SCOOT and MOVA adjust the timing of traffic light phases in accordance with changing traffic patterns to minimise congestion.

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M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System

Accurate and easy to install wireless vehicle detection system. A cost effective alternative to inductive loops suitable for a range of applications.

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