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Another exciting DBFO win for Golden River

Golden River Traffic (GRT), part of the Clearview Traffic Group Ltd, has successfully renewed a long-term contract to maintain the road traffic monitoring system on the A1 Darrington to Dishforth DBFO project with Road Management Services Ltd. (RMS). This contract win is initially for an eight year duration, with the option to extend for up to a further four years.

The A1 Darrington to Dishforth DBFO project comprises improvements to and the operation and maintenance of 33 miles (53km) of the A1(M) / A1(T) between Darrington, south of the A1(M) / M62 interchange and the A1(M) / A168 interchange at Dishforth, east of Ripon. This DBFO forms a strategic link in the national network between Scotland, the north-east and the south of England.

Golden River Traffic will be maintaining 124 TME sites, made up of 40 count (camera) sites and 84 speed sites (configured with either 8 or 16 loops).

The optical fibre network which carries the data from all these sites is communicating accurate data at high speeds and helps reduce congestion and increase the reliability of road user journey times.

Golden River Traffic has been maintaining this DBFO since 2004 and has recently been awarded the renewal of the contract for being both realistic in the maintenance of the DBFO project and delivering to the expected levels of data accuracy, reliability and outstanding past performance.

Nick Lanigan Managing Director of Clearview Traffic states “This is an excellent win for Golden River Traffic, enabling us to maintain an already strong relationship with the authorities whilst providing key equipment technology refresh to ensure the highest levels of data monitoring and service provision. It represents the third such key win in as many months, underlining our commitment to providing first class service.”

Author: |Date Published: March 2012

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