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Coastal drivers see the benefits of road safety scheme

April 18th 2019 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

The number of drivers feeling safe travelling along two of Guernsey’s key roads has more than doubled following the installation of solar powered road studs.

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Innovative solution manages a ‘gap’ in the market

April 17th 2019 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

A combined road safety initiative which incorporates both tailgating and speed reduction warnings has been installed along Scotland’s A701on behalf of Transport Scotland.

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Clearview prepares to present the benefits

March 22nd 2019 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

With the countdown now on to Traffex 2019, Clearview Intelligence is preparing to take the stage with three informative presentations.

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Installing knowledge with free CPD training courses

March 4th 2019 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

Roadside engineers tasked with installing wireless vehicle detection can now benefit from free CPD-accredited training.

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Signs of improvement at dangerous junction

February 11th 2019 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

A road safety initiative installed at a crossroad junction has reduced collisions and delivered a 97 percent first year rate of return against the potential cost of an accident.

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Collaboration and innovation lead to national recognition

February 7th 2019 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

An innovative and collaborative road improvement scheme which has improved road layout visibility for 91 percent of drivers has been named a finalist for a national award.

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Extended warranty guarantees commitment to customer care

February 4th 2019 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

A wireless vehicle detector which has been proven to offer the same reliability as traditional inductive loops is now being offered with an extended warranty and CPD training.

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Survey provides clear indication of successful road upgrade

January 17th 2019 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

Drivers have called for a road improvement scheme to be replicated across all UK highways, with 91 percent citing improved visibility and 77 percent feeling more confident driving at night.

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A high way to end the year

December 19th 2018 / JemmaC / Links: Company News

A road safety initiative implemented by Clearview Intelligence along a major trunk road in Scotland has contributed to an international road safety award.

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