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Clearview Traffic and Bellstan recognised with prestigious industry award for actively reducing road casualties in Buckinghamshire

At the annual Highways Magazine Excellence Awards ceremony in London on October 12 2011, Clearview Traffic and Bellstan’s installation of Astucia Solar Powered F Series road studs and Visibead Wet Night white lining on the A4128, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire was presented with the “Road Marking Project of the Year” award, recognising the significant impact this project has had in improving road safety on this busy arterial road connecting High Wycombe to the local villages.

This award follows recognition from the The Road Safety Foundation’s “Simple Measures Saves Lives” EuroRap 2011 report, which highlighted this stretch of the A4128 as the year’s most improved road, confirming that; “Over the two survey periods, the route has moved from one of Britain’s highest risk roads with a medium-high risk (red) rating in 2004-06 to one of the safest, rated in 2007-09 as low-medium (yellow) risk. During this time the number of fatal and serious collisions has dropped by 89%, from 19 to 2.” The report went on to highlight that; “Fatal and serious crashes at junctions accounting for 32% on this section in 2004-06 were cut to zero in the latter period. Those involving vehicles running off the road, accounting for 16% were eliminated.”

The report continued to highlight the impact of using the Astucia Solar Road studs: “to improve night time visibility with the use of solar powered road studs following several fatal collisions. The studs automatically illuminate from dusk to dawn and are visible for up to ten times further than traditional retro-reflective studs, highlighting the road well beyond the headlight beam of a vehicle.”

Ian McGowan, Team Leader for Local Safety Schemes at Transport for Buckinghamshire at the time, advised: “We are continually striving to reduce the number of casualties on Buckinghamshire’s roads. The Local Safety Scheme completed on the A4128, had a specific aim to reduce casualties during the hours of darkness and wet weather. We are therefore delighted that the installation of the Astucia intelligent road studs and “Visibead Wet Night” white line marking has contributed to such an improvement in safety and significantly reduced the number of crashes along this stretch of road.”

Nick Lanigan, Managing Director, of the Clearview Traffic Group, said of the award: “It is great to receive recognition within the industry that our products do actively enhance road safety. The Astucia road stud products are specifically designed to give road users better information and up to ten times greater visibility of the road layout ahead, allowing them more time to react and adjust their driving style to better suit the road layout and drive more smoothly and consistently. The Astucia road studs have a proven record of improving night time road safety.”

The A4128 installation is one of a number of examples around the world where the use of Astucia solar-powered road studs has made an observable improvement in night-time road casualty levels. On the twisting A143 at Haddiscoe in Norfolk, England, there were previously 22 recorded accidents in a three year period, two of which involved loss of life and six caused serious injury. 95% of these accidents were as a result of loss of control. In the two years since SolarLite studs were installed there were only five recorded accidents, all of which were minor. None occurred in the dark. The overall accident frequency has reduced from 7.3 per year to 2.3 whilst the severity ratio has reduced from 36% to zero.

The notorious A4226, locally known as The Five Mile Lane, is a busy narrow and twisting, rural commuter route between Barry, Cardiff International Airport the A48 and the M4 Motorway in the vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Since the installation of Astucia SolarLite road studs the Vale of Glamorgan Council have reported a 72% reduction in accidents on this stretch of road when compared with the previous three years.

Astucia SolarLite™ road studs mark a significant step forward in technology from the traditional reflective “cats-eye” road-marking stud that was first invented 75 years ago. These old-style passive systems rely on light reflected from a car’s headlamps and therefore have a maximum range of 90 metres or less.

The Astucia SolarLite stud uses ‘smart and sustainable’ technology which stores solar, daylight, energy during the day, then triggers built-in LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), to automatically illuminate from dusk to dawn. These have a range of at least 900 metres, providing drivers with ten times more information on the road ahead.

Each Astucia intelligent road stud is a completely self-sufficient unit, which is mounted flush with the road surface and requires no external power source or future maintenance. Sealed within a reinforced plastic case are a solar cell and rechargeable batteries, which collect and conserve energy with the road stud.

The nickel metal hydride battery can store a charge that lasts 240 hours when fully charged. Just 4 hours of bright daylight will provide enough battery power to last ten nights - more than enough to ensure the system keeps working no matter what the weather and whatever time of the year.

Author: |Date Published: October 2011

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