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Clearview Traffic and Eurosigns sign strategic alliance agreement to make roads safer

Clearview Traffic Group Ltd today announce that it has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Eurosigns (GB) Limited that will see the companies working closer together, with the ability to offer intelligent solutions that uses the very latest in traffic detection technology to feed and communicate issues to the road user via Variable Message Signs (VMS) and other traffic signs, to smooth out congestion and make roads safer.

In the short- to medium-term, this agreement enables the two companies to jointly promote each other’s products and services as part of a more comprehensive solution focused on improved road safety. Longer-term, it is anticipated that the companies may be able to jointly develop and deliver incremental products and services that actively improve the level of information and quality of information available to the road user to enable them to adapt their driving style to meet the conditions of the road ahead.

Nick Lanigan, Managing Director of Clearview Traffic Group Ltd, states “The alliance will give us a number of opportunities to pool resources for joint marketing and promotion of our products and services to push the critical message about the need for greater road safety and to look at new and innovative ways to arm the road user with greater information about potential hazards on the roads. Eurosigns are a major force in transportation infrastructure and our alliance comes at a key time as the market moves towards an exciting future of connected vehicles and vehicle to infrastructure communications.”

“To compete in this market in the long-term, it is important that organisations work together and form alliances which allow them to make a connected future a reality,” says Roger Habgood of Eurosigns. “Clearview Traffic Group makes an ideal partner for this as they are a leading player in the provision of real time traffic monitoring data and have a strong and exciting vision for the future and one that we respect and share.”

Author: |Date Published: December 2011

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