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Clearview Traffic expands smart parking range to cover more ground

Following entry into the smart parking market earlier this year, Clearview Traffic Group Ltd is now expanding the product M300 wireless occupancy detection range to provide solutions for both on- and off-street parking. Using in-ground sensors to detect the presence of vehicles parked over them, the system offers an accurate, lower cost and easier to install alternative to other occupancy detection systems, many of which are overhead mounted and therefore not suitable for outdoor or surface only applications and would need costly cable ducting.

The M301 is a surface mounted product, particularly suitable for quick and easy installation for monitoring of on-street parking bay usage, whilst the M302 is a flush mounted sensor that is embedded into the road surface. To complete the range, we offer HG variants of both products, which are suitable for detection of larger vehicles such as HGVs, trucks and coaches. The technology inside them has been designed to accurately detect the presence of a vehicle in a defined zone including over prolonged occupancy. Due to this flexibility, the M300 product range is suitable for deployment across a wide range of applications, such as; car parking space occupancy, parking bay monitoring, dynamic parking payment schemes, lorry parking applications; through to Emergency Refuge Areas, taxi ranks and even monitoring of ‘No Parking’ zones.

Occupancy data and analysis from the sensors is presented via a web browser interface allowing simple integration with third party information systems. Data output can be displayed on variable message signs or used to inform other real-time travel information services, such as mobile apps.

With more than 98% accuracy in occupancy detection, it yields excellent reliability, coupled to advanced low power bi-directional communications between the M301/M302 sensors and other components in the system that enable remote monitoring of the system and detector battery levels. The M300 occupancy system utilises the mesh protocol with self-configuring, multi-hop, stud to stud communications ensuring the integrity of the system information at all times.

Author: |Date Published: November 2013

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