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Clearview Traffic Gains UK Highways Agency Approval For Wireless Vehicle Detection For MIDAS

Clearview Traffic Group have now gained formal HA Approval for its M100 sensors and M150 interface card to be used as a viable alternative to inductive loops for MIDAS applications. This has been achieved through meeting the rigorous performance and assessment requirements of the Highways Agency MCH1529 standard.

The Highways Agency's Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling system, more commonly known as MIDAS, has been in use on the HA network since 1997 to enable regional control centres to monitor traffic speeds along active traffic management zones of the UK motorway network.

Cleaview Traffic Group's wireless vehicle detection systems uses embedded in-road magnetometer M100 sensors to detect the presence and lane occupancy of vehicles. This provides a more reliable, lower cost and easy to install alternative to traditional inductive loops. For MIDAS applications the M100 sensors, two per lane at standard 4.5m spacing are used in conjunction with the M150 interface card that is specifically designed to be compatible with every type of MIDAS outstation in use on the network today.

The system's flexibility enables the sensors to be installed on the underside of some elevated sections of the motorway, negating the need to cut loops into bridge decks with their associated thinner wearing courses and risk to waterproof membranes.

The M100 system uses wireless communications, which means that installation is far easier and quicker than with traditional inductive loops as it eliminates the need for any ducting or trenching across the running lanes, reducing the amount of traffic management required and minimising disruption to the road user.

The system has already been deployed on the M5 near Birmingham, for over 12 months, where traditional inductive loops were not performing due to their excessive distance from the MIDAS outstation. The M100 system was able to overcome these obstacles due to the extended reach of its wireless capability.

The MIDAS system has now evolved to form the heart of 'Smart Motorways', previously known as 'Managed Motorways', 'Hard Shoulder Running' or the 'All Lane Running' concept that is now being rolled out across the network to further increase capacity on some of our more congested sections. This approval of the Clearview Traffic M100 MIDAS system to the HA's MCH1529 standard allows for these schemes to also benefit from lower cost MIDAS detection.

Nick Lanigan, Managing Director of Clearview Traffic says "This seal of approval from the Highways Agency is a great boost for the company and acknowledges the hard work we have done to deliver a new solution to market that paves the way for much lower cost MIDAS deployments. The M100 system's versatility is now rapidly establishing it as a truly cost effective and smarter 21st century alternative to inductive loops in a number of applications including MIDAS, ramp metering and adaptive traffic signal control."

Author: |Date Published: June 2014

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