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Clearview Traffic illuminate the M42 as part of the dark accident scheme

The M42 motorway junctions 1to 3a had been identified as an accident black spot area due to the lack of street lighting linked to increased accident rates. As a result, this unlit stretch of motorway was targeted for delivery of key improvements that would reduce risk to driver safety and combat the issues of restricted night-time visibility.
Working closely with Amey, the Managing Agent Contractor for the M42 Contract Area 9 Scheme, Astucia’s SolarLite road studs were chosen as offering the ideal solution, providing superior delineation of the lanes through its unique use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED), which automatically illuminate during the hours of darkness.
Installing 780 of these high brightness Astucia SolarLite Road Studs along the carriageway of the M42 from junctions 1 to 3a gives drivers up to 900 metres visibility of the road layout ahead, which is up to ten times greater than would be possible from traditional retro-reflective “cats eye” road studs. In addition, the existing 2m white line gaps were upgraded into 6m lines with 3m gaps to provide clearer and more defined guidance for road users whilst navigating through the motorway.
Nick Lanigan Managing Director of Clearview Traffic states “This was an excellent project win for Astucia. Contract Area 9 is one of the most important networks of roads in Britain, we are delighted with the effect of the Astucia studs on the M42 and we are confident that this enhanced delineation will have a positive impact on the safety and night time road environment on this busy section of road.”
Astucia SolarLite Road Studs work intuitively by charging and activating from natural sunlight, offering a totally sustainable and cost-effective road safety solution. The use of the latest Astucia SolarLite flush mounted solar-powered road studs provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and long term solution to night-time road safety on the M42 motorway.

Author: |Date Published: July 2012

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