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Clearview Traffic Keeps Bus Station Customers Safe and Warm

Over the last twelve months, Clearview Traffic Group Ltd have been working with Dorma UK Ltd, a leading specialist in the design of automatic door and access control systems, to assist in the development of a new solution to keep passengers safe and sound inside the newly renovated bus stations at Stanley and Consett in County Durham and away from the busy operational areas where buses are constantly on the move.

This project was undertaken as part of a much larger bus station refurbishment programme at the two stations as they sought to become flagship contemporary bus stations that could provide the same level of creature comforts and experience that today’s travellers have come to expect in other modes of travel, such as modern airport waiting lounges.

Controlling access to the individual bus departure bays was an essential component of the project, first and foremost from a safety perspective to prevent passengers from wandering into the path of moving vehicles. Equally, from a health, comfort and environmental sustainability viewpoint, this solution means that unnecessary heat loss from the station could be avoided, thus minimising heating costs as well as preventing passengers from being exposed to any rain, wind or snow outside or even vehicle emissions.

Conventionally, access to the bus departure bays is controlled via door-mounted motion sensor systems, which are only activated when the presence of a bus has been detected in the bay by driving over inductive loops embedded in the road surface of the bay. However, these inductive loop systems have been a source of regular frustration, requiring frequent maintenance, repair or replacement, causing disruption and annoyance to passengers and operators alike.

By contrast, the M100BR system is quick and easy to install and will operate for up to 10 years without needing to replace the sensors. In place of inductive loops, the M100BR system utilises a wide band micro-radar sensor located in each of the bus departure bays to detect the prolonged presence of a bus in the bay and relays this presence information back to the motion sensor control system for the doors via wireless radio technology.

Using wireless technology satisfied another critical element of the customer’s requirements; that its installation and daily operation should not require any unsightly street furniture or additional construction work that would detract from the sleek, polished appearance that the refurbished stations had now achieved. As a result of its successful trial, the installation now covers a total of 19 departure bays across the two bus stations and has been in lie operation since just before the Christmas period of 2013.

Nick Lanigan, Managing Director of Clearview Traffic says “This latest deployment represented a significant challenge and its success demonstrates a highly original integration between two entirely separate state-of-the-art technologies, showing what can be achieved with good collaboration and patient, trusting customers. It also proves the immense versatility of the M100BR and its benefits versus traditional detection solutions and aligns perfectly with the high standard expected of 21st century bus stations.”

Author: |Date Published: June 2014

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