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Clearview Traffic launches Insight - the new standard in traffic intelligence

Clearview Traffic Group Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of its combined new traffic data management and business intelligence platform, Insight. Designed principally to support the growing agenda of intelligent mobility, Insight will fuel accurate and timely decision-making by ITS professionals to help optimise network performance, reduce congestion, enhance journey predictability and reduce the environmental impact of transport.

Focusing on easing the burden of managing networks of remote traffic data collection devices, the extensive toolset provided as part of the core Insight engine greatly simplifies the real-time collection, processing, reporting and analysis of this essential traffic data. The Insight platform is built upon a scalable server based architecture that is available as a cloud hosted or self–hosted application and accessed through a modern web browser interface. Users can access the array of user friendly features and functions anywhere, anytime from PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, making it the ideal tool for use by both office and field-based professionals.

Talking about the new platform, Nick Lanigan, Managing Director at Clearview Traffic says “The launch of Insight marks a new era in traffic data, moving away from tired, old, grey screen PC/server based data collection and processing systems to raise the bar and set a new standard in intelligent mobility services. The new Insight platform is modular and highly configurable supporting device management, data processing and user defined reporting and analysis all via user customisable graphical dashboards, such that each user has the intelligence they need at their fingertips.”

For more information, see full press release.

Author: |Date Published: October 2013

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