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Clearview Traffic Shortlisted for Two Road Marking Safety Schemes for the Highways Excellence Awards

Firstly Clearview Traffic Groups’ Hindhead Tunnel dynamic delineation project has been chosen as a finalist for the Road Marking Project of the Year category.
In 2010, Clearview Traffic Group installed 868 Astucia IRS2 Hardwired Bi-Directional Road Studs in the Hindhead Tunnel, Surrey, a project initiated by the Highways Agency (HA) in 2007 to remove a major source of congestion around the A3/A287 junction.
The Astucia hardwired road studs not only provide superior lane delineation with all the safety benefits, but also facilitate dynamic lane marking, allowing for normal running through each bore or a contraflow situation when one bore is closed. Under normal running every other stud, therefore every 9m, is illuminated facing the oncoming traffic, whilst during contra flow arrangements every stud is illuminated in each direction at 4.5m intervals as a ‘do not cross’ instruction. This has given the operators the flexibility they require to maximise the safe and smooth continuous flow on this critical arterial road under all operating conditions.

The second shortlisted category is jointly with Jacobs and Telford & Wrekin Council in the Road Safety Scheme or Project of the Year, for the A41 Chetwynd road safety scheme.
The scheme runs along a dangerous stretch of the A41 in Chetwynd. This scheme is a ‘first’ in the UK, using both Astucia SolarLite and IRS1 Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs together along with Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS).
During the hours of darkness the junction layout is defined through the use the Astucia Road Studs, delineating the road layout and shape also highlighting the turning lanes.
An approaching motorist travelling in excess of a predetermined trigger speed illuminates the VAS and the Astucia IRS1 Hardwired studs increase in brightness from being the same level of illumination as the Astucia Solarlite Road Studs to further highlight the junction layout and promote speed reduction.
The scheme is helping to decrease the number of collisions and reduce speeding drivers on this hazardous section of road.

The awards will be announced in London at a special awards dinner on Thursday 11th October 2012, we hope we will be victorious on the night!

Author: |Date Published: September 2012

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