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Clearview Traffic's Airport Express Zone Parking System Takes Off

Clearview Traffic Group Ltd have been working with one of the UK’s fastest growing international airports at Stansted, Essex to design and implement an innovative parking solution based on the M300 Wireless Vehicle Occupancy Detection system to maximise traffic flow through the Express Set Down & Pick Up area and safeguard fair use of this high turnaround parking zone for the airport’s users.

For an area that sees anywhere between 3,000 and 9,000 vehicle movements a day,depending on day of the week and the season, this area is vital to smooth operations within this busy airport. Helping the airport's parking staff to better advise customers about the restrictions in the area means customers are not incurring any extra unexpected and unwelcome cost and is minimising frustration and complaints whilst enabling passengers to be picked up or dropped off as safely and efficiently as possible.

Author: |Date Published: July 2015

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