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Connected Vehicles, what can they do for LAs - Report

Clearview Intelligence are proud members of the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) and participate in the various working groups.

The Forum is a voluntary association of senior representatives of all the major types of public and private-sector investors and policymakers with an interest in transport technology. It exists to facilitate uptake and innovation in technologies and solutions used in connection with the enhanced management and operation of transport networks.

To that end, TTF have recently published a report on connected vehicles and the potential affect on LA's, with action recommendations.

In the introduction it sets out the context of the report as; connected vehicles rarely feature on LAs' action lists but there is a real need for LAs to understand the opportunities and potential effects, so that investments can be informed and planned. Connected vehicles are an immediate reality. It is important that they have a place in LAs' short as well as long-term planning. The ways in which they are used and adopted by drivers and network operators is important, not least because the longer-term deployment of autonomous vehicles may rely on connected but self-driven vehicle technology and experiences.

Download and read the full report here.

Author: Andrew R |Date Published: March 2017

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