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Count on Us Ltd merger with Sky High Plc Accomplished

Clearview Traffic Group Ltd are pleased to announce that the merger of its Count On Us traffic survey and market research arm with Sky High Plc has now been completed. With a significant stake in Sky High Plc, Nick Lanigan and Sir John Madejski of Clearview Traffic Group now join the board of Sky High Plc as non-executive directors.

There are clear synergies and skills overlaps between the two organisations and the combined market strength and breadth of solutions coverage in the survey, analysis and market research space is expected to provide the perfect launch pad for Sky High’s market growth and territory expansion plans.

Sir John Madejski, Chairman of Clearview Traffic Group Ltd states “Completion of this deal is a bold move that adds a new dimension to the Sky High organisation, delivering significant additional expertise, resources and assets as well as an immediately broader customer base and service portfolio that will be pivotal in achieving the increased revenue streams that underpin the expected growth plans. The coming months will be very important to integrate the two organisations as quickly and smoothly as possible so that the real focus can be on driving the business forward towards a brighter future.”

Clearly pleased at the conclusion of this deal, Nick Lanigan, Managing Director of Clearview Traffic Group says, “It’s an exciting time in the evolution of the company and means that Clearview Traffic can now concentrate solely on delivering key product innovations in both our award-winning Astucia and Golden River brands that have been borne out of significant research and development efforts over the past 12-18 months. These solutions will challenge the market norms and deliver real, sustainable competitive advantage as well as considerable added value for our customers.”

Author: |Date Published: March 2012

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